NFL Rumors: Wes Welker To Return To The Patriots?


Yesterday former Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker spoke with the media about his future in the NFL, and he had some pretty interesting things to say regarding a potential return to Foxboro.

(Quotes via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald)

On returning to New England:

"I wouldn’t be opposed to it. It’s a great organization, obviously, and a great team. It wouldn’t be the worst situation in the world. At times you’re sitting there and thinking, ‘Well maybe I should (retire).’ I think it’s just people kind of (pressuring you), but the more you think about it, and you’re away from it, I’m not ready to (retire). I still feel good. I still feel like I have some really good football left in me. I’ve always said (I’ll play) until the wheels fall off.”"

On his future in the NFL:

"“I want to play. The more I’m away from it, the more I want to go out there and be on a team and everything else. It’s just kind of taking everything a day at a time, making sure I’m training and doing everything I need to do to be ready.“Once June really gets going here and July, I’ll be (training) really hard, and just knowing that I’m going to be ready. There will be an opportunity at some point. If it works out, if it’s a good situation and everything else, obviously I want to continue playing.”"

My feelings on Welker are mixed. I don’t hate him, or even dislike him, but I don’t want to see him back in a Patriots uniform. Unlike Darrelle Revis, Welker was loyal to the team, and only left because the Pats decided to lowball him in contract talks. Welker was ridiculously productive in New England, gave his best every single week, and up until I saw Julian Edelman play, he was the toughest SOB I had ever seen at the wide receiver position. Welker revolutionized the slot receiver position, and he made New England’s offense run from 2009-2012.

However with his history of concussions, Welker needs to call it quits and hang it up. He had a hell of a career, but he has bigger things to worry about right now. The smallest shot to the head could really give Welker major damage in his every day life for the future, and I just don’t think it is worth it for him at this stage in his career.

As for the Patriots, they are loaded at receiver/tight end, so there is no need for Welker, barring any big injuries. I will always love Welker for what he did for this team (minus that drop in the Super Bowl), but I really think it will be best for him to not only move on from the Pats, but to move on from the NFL.

Best of luck, Wes.