New England Patriots’ Rookies Talk Adjusting To The NFL, OTA’s, More

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Nov 22, 2014; Fayetteville, AR, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks defensive end Trey Flowers (86) talks to CBS reporter Allie LaForce after the game against the Ole Miss Rebels at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Arkansas defeated Mississippi 30-0. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Flowers

(On the difference between college and the NFL)
“Obviously it’s going to be the speed of the game. That’s why I’m here and I’m just trying to condition right, trying to work hard, trying to get into the playbook and do things that will allow me to make that transition to the NFL.”

(On if there have been any surprises so far)
“I wouldn’t say there are any surprises. I’m just a guy that’s got his head down and [is] coming to work. I don’t look at things as a surprise. It just is what it is. I just take it for what it is and go to work.”

(On head coach Bill Belichick)
“He’s just the type of guy that expects a lot of his players. He’s going to hold his players [accountable]. He just said he’s got it on the door, come in and do your job when you come in here. He’ll hold you to that standard and it’s up to the players to reach it.”

(On his relationship with the other rookies)
“Obviously coming in, your rookie class you’re going to get to know them first.  You’ve got meetings with them, you work out with them, you do a lot with them; live with them. You’re going to get to know those guys. I would say we’ve got a little bit of a bond.”

(On playing for the Patriots)
“It’s an honor to play the game I love. It’s always been a dream of mine. To come here and to play for this organization, a winning organization, is quite the honor. I’m just, like you said, coming in here trying to get better and work hard.”

Geneo Grissom

(On how rooming with Trey Flowers helps him in adjusting to the NFL)
“If I have a question, I know I can go to Trey and ask him. He does the same with me.”

(On trying to get on the field early in his rookie season)
“I’m not too worried about trying to get on the field early. I’m just trying to do whatever the coaches ask me and hopefully make the 53-man roster.”

(On if it is hard to adjust to the Patriots way of life)
“I wouldn’t say it’s hard. It’s actually pretty easy to fall in line because Coach Belichick runs it very tight and if you don’t do what is asked of you, you won’t be here.”

(On having other rookies to go through the acclimation process with)
“It’s nice. These guys will be my brothers. Whether we all make the team or not, I’ll have a bond with these guys, and it’s an honor to be here with them now.”

(On if it’s been stressed that there will be tough competition to make the team)
“Absolutely, and I’m sure it’s like that anywhere in the league. Every team wants to build the best team they possibly can. I’m just here trying to do my job and hopefully contribute to the team.”

Tre’ Jackson

(On how playing at Florida State helped him)
“I had great experiences at Florida State. Now I’m just trying to transfer it and do the things that my coaches need me to do as far as getting better on the field, off the field [and] things like that.”

(On if it’s been helpful to play with former teammate Bryan Stork)
“Being able to play with him is a great thing. But all my teammates that are out here now have been a great help. I can go to anybody and get advice. All the guys on the offensive line, I can go to them and they’re there to help.”

(On working with fellow rookie offensive lineman Shaq Mason)
“It’s great to have someone who is in the same boat as you; just trying to get better with him. You’re making him better, he’s making me better. Just to be there and be a resource to him; he’s been a big resource to me – helping each other study the playbook at night and things like that.”

(On if he thinks about competing against Shaq Mason for a position)
“Of course not. He’s a teammate right now. He’s just going to make me better; I’m going to make him better. Competition makes everyone better.”

(On being teammates with Tom Brady)
“It’s great to be with a guy like that. But it’s not just Tom Brady. Being with all the Patriots, just walking through the locker room, being able to go to all those Patriots and get advice from them, guys that you looked up to for the longest time, being able to go get advice from them.”

Shaq Mason

(On learning the playbook)
“I’m just trying to get prepared for this opportunity. It’s a great opportunity. I knew I was going to have to work coming in and just try to get better.”

(On which veterans have helped him adapt to the NFL)
“All of them. There’s not one in particular. It’s a great, great atmosphere here. All of the guys are giving me great advice. We’re all just working together trying to reach a common goal.”

(On what coming to the Patriots has been like)
“Coming in, the guys told me nothing is given here, so I’m going to have to work every day. And that was the plan – to work every day, study as much as possible and get to know as much as I can.”

(On being drafted by the Super Bowl XLIX champions)
“Well, really, I wasn’t a part of that team. You never hear Super Bowl talk around here. We’re just focusing on this season.”

(On if he’s had time to explore New England)
“Not at all. I’m focused on being here. I’m here as much as I can be and just trying to get better.”