What’s Next For The Patriots Roster?


Everyone is still talking about the stupid investigation (aka witch hunt) but they forget that there are still roster moves that could, and should be made. Here are a few moves I think would make a lot of sense for the Patriots.

1) Sign WR James Jones or Reggie Wayne

Jones played last season in Oakland and led the Raiders in basically every receiver category. I mean, he didn’t have the numbers that he did when Aaron Rogers was throwing him the ball, but he still put up solid stats. The Raiders decided to cut ties with Jones recently and he still has some left in the tank. Jones can still play ball at a fairly elite level and could challenge Amendola for the 3rd receiver spot and be used in certain packages. He’d also be one of the taller receivers on the roster if signed.

Reggie Wayne almost became a Patriots last season but he decided to re-sign with the Colts. Well they let him walk and Wayne could end up on the Patriots’ roster for his final year in the NFL.  Wayne is a savvy vet who can still get separation when healthy. He wouldn’t be a starter, but I think he’d come cheap and could add leadership to the offense.

2) Try Steven Jackson Out

After an amazing career with the less than successful Rams, Jackson decided to sign with the Falcons, who were at the time a powerhouse in the NFC. The Falcons fell flat on their faces and so did Jackson. His stint in Atlanta was pathetic but he could add a spark to the Patriots backfield. The Patriots already have a lot of running backs, but none of them have the pedigree that Jackson does. If healthy, put behind a strong O-line and used correctly, Jackson could give 2-3 years of solid production to the Patriots.

3) Don’t Cut Any More DBs

I don’t think I need to go into much detail here, the Patriots back end is putrid right now, so please don’t make it worse.

4) Cut The Dead Weight

There are plenty of players on the roster who are just a waste of space. Mainly Jake Bequette and Tavon Wilson. Those 2 players are trash and shouldn’t have been around this long.

So there you have it, an article that isn’t about the investigation or about what the Patriots did or didn’t do to ball PSI. If you have anymore ideas of what the Patriots should do this off season, write it in the comments below.