Darrelle Revis Is A Loser Of The Highest Order, Deserves To Be On A Losing Team


When cornerback Darrelle Revis decided to sign with the New York Jets instead of the New England Patriots this offseason, I did not come out spewing hate for Mr. Revis. In fact, I made it a point to say that I had nothing but love for him, because he helped deliver a fourth Lombardi Trophy to Foxboro. I certainly wouldn’t be rooting for him since he was now a Jet, but I couldn’t hate him like I hate most players that put on that putrid green uniform.

I take it all back.

Everything I said about being nice to Revis because of what he did in 2014, I take it all back. To come out like he did on Wednesday, and absolutely trash the Patriots, and Tom Brady, I have no sympathy for that man. The Jets are going to suck next season, and a horrible losing season is exactly what Revis deserves. He needs to see how it feels to be back at the bottom of the pyramid in the NFL. Being on top for a year was nice for him, but now that he has his money, he feels like it is his prerogative to trash his old team because he knows he can’t win a damn thing anymore.

Here are the two quotes that stick out the most to me: (Via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News)

"“Everybody’s blowing it up because it is Tom Brady. I understand that. But if (the NFL) feels he did the crime or he did something and they want to penalize them, then that’s that. (The Patriots) have a history of doing stuff. You can’t hide that.… Tom was there when they did that stuff in the past.”“New England’s been doing stuff in the past and getting in trouble. When stuff repeatedly happens, then that’s it. I don’t know what else to tell you. Stuff repeatedly happened through the years. You got SpyGate, you got this and that and everything else. Obviously in those situations in the past, they had the evidence. So they did what they needed to do.”"

Are these responses brought on by obvious leading questions from the worst beat writer in the business? Probably. But that doesn’t excuse Revis for his comments.

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Does Revis have a brain? Does he know what SpyGate was all about? Did he read the Wells report? Does he understand that even if the Patriots did deflate the footballs (which there is no evidence of), it is not a big deal, since every other quarterback in the game alters their footballs in some way, shape, or form.

However to Revis, all that matters is taking unnecessary shots at a team that just gave him a Super Bowl ring, and for the first time in his career, a taste of being in a classy, successful organization. I will give him this: Revis is rounding back into Jets form very quickly. He has already begun whining like a little baby off the field, to compensate for his team’s inevitable failures on the field come September.

Well done.