Antoine Cason Should Be On New England Patriots’ Radar


It’s no secret that the New England Patriots are in need of cornerback help. They brought in Tarell Brown for a second visit, but a non-rookie has not been signed since Bradley Fletcher and Robert McClain joined the Pats in March. Proven veteran Antoine Cason should at least be considered as an addition to a thin cornerback corps.

Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner were just the beginning. Alfonzo Dennard? Gone. Kyle Arrington? Gone. Even Chimdi Chekwa, who was only on the roster for a few months, has been released. It’s safe to say that the Patriots are hurting at cornerback right now.

This writer isn’t a fan that the Patriots are at the point where they have to scour the dwindling free agent market for cornerbacks, but Cason would be a better signing then Tarell Brown, who the Patriots brought in for a second visit earlier this week.

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As Greg Garcia of Baltimore Beatdown pointed out in December when the Ravens signed him, good things seem to happen when Cason is on the field. Often, those good things are interceptions; in his seven-year career, Cason has recorded a pair of interceptions in each season, except in 2010, when he snagged four.

Signing Cason would be in line with the Patriots’ quantity-over quality approach to the cornerback competition this offseason (they got rid of all their quality, and got a bunch of quantity). And hey, he’s a dependable, established veteran cornerback who could at least lead the way for the Pats’ crop of young defensive backs. Seeing Cason donning Patriot blue at this point in his career would be reminiscent of Deltha O’Neal (remember him?) joining the team back in 2008.

It’s time for the Patriots to stop releasing cornerbacks, and sign one. But not Tarell Brown.

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