Deflategate: Notable Quotes from Robert Kraft Presser


Just as Musket Fire’s Cyrus Geller pondered on Tuesday morning, the war between the New England Patriots and the league office spurred by Deflategate has reached a ceasefire. On Tuesday, Robert Kraft executed a six-minute presser (without questions) that informed the public of his decision not to appeal the NFL’s punishment. You can view the full video and transcript here; this article will pull and analyze notable quotes.

“… we’ve had Patriots fans throughout the country who have been so supportive and really inspirational to us and believing in us.

Here, Kraft is acknowledging the efforts of Patriots fans everywhere who defended the team name in the face of some serious hate around the footballing universe. Going so far as to call these efforts “inspirational” was a classy move on Kraft’s part, even if many Pats fans didn’t like seeing him surrender (if you want to call it that).

“The one thing that we all can agree upon is the entire process has taken way too long. I don’t think anyone can believe that after four months [since] the AFC Championship Game we are still talking about air pressure and the psi in footballs.”

Preach to the choir.

“There was no hard evidence and everything was circumstantial.”

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Kraft wasn’t about to bow down to the NFL without any fuss. He made sure to make his opinion known, and Patriots fans should be grateful for that.

“So, I have two options: I can try to end it or extend it.”

Here, Kraft qualifies his decision not to appeal. If he took the maverick route, it would have meant a continuation of a Deflategate media horse that has already been beaten to a pulp.

“You know what I’ve learned over the last two decades is that the heart and soul of the strength of the NFL is a partnership of 32 teams.”

By putting the health of the NFL as a whole ahead of the public image of his own beloved franchise, Kraft portrays himself as an exemplary leader among the community of NFL owners.

“Before I make a final decision, I measure nine times and I cut once.”

Definitely the most poetic sentence of the presser, this quote tells us a lot about the kind of person Kraft is.

“Although I might disagree with what is decided, I do have respect for the Commissioner and believe that he’s doing what he perceives to be in the best interest of the full 32.”

Of course, this is another example of Kraft acknowledging his standing as a prominent owner. Grudgingly.

“We won’t appeal.”

There you have it. Decision, made.

“Now, I know that a lot of Patriots fans are going to be disappointed in that decision. But I hope they trust my judgment and know that I really feel at this point in time that taking this off the agenda, this is the best thing for the New England Patriots, our fans and the NFL. I hope you all can respect that.”

I can.