Deflategate: Matt Light Speaks for New England Patriots Fans


Former New England Patriots tackle Matt Light is manning the team’s defensive controls in his retirement. At Rob Ninkovich’s charity ping-pong tournament on Monday night, Light expelled his opinions about Deflategate.

Light’s argument stems from the fact that even if they are found guilty, the Patriots are not the first rule-benders in NFL history. Why the Patriots are catching so much flak from the footballing community is absurd, and can only be chalked up to the reality that they have been the best team in the league since the turn of the century.

Light is using the “ridiculous circus that Roger Goodell and the rest of his little buddies at the league office put together” for charitable purposes. He started the website “Inflation Nation” to promote a raffle, the winner of which will receive tickets to the Patriots’ encounter with the Indianapolis Colts in Week 6 of the regular season. Of course, that is Tom Brady’s first game back from suspension.

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Defending the allegations of cheating, Light points out that Bill Belichick and the Patriots instill an atmosphere of extreme preparation and diligence within the confines of Foxboro—why would they need to cheat?

Light forces those criticizing the Patriots so vehemently at this point in time to wonder what a cheating organization really looks like, questioning “Have you ever seen cheaters put in as much time as Bill [Belichick] and his staff put in day in and day out?”

It’s always comforting to see former Patriots raising their voice in the media these days. Many Patriots fans can view Light’s words as reflections of their own thoughts and feelings.

It’s clear that Light will be a Patriot for life. He had some strong words for the NFL higher-ups, and he certainly isn’t done voicing his opinions for his former team.

The war rages on.