Tom Brady Will Miss Zero Games In 2015 Thanks To His Lawyer Team?


The NFL took a big swing at Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Now, it’s their turn to return the favor.

Brady has hired Jeffrey Kessler to handle his appeal, which is the best possible lawyer Brady could have gotten in this case. Kessler is the one man that the NFL can’t beat off the field, as he has handled case after case for the NFLPA that overturns, or weakens whatever punishment Roger Goodell initially handed down.

Here is a quick list formulated by Rich Hill of Pats Pulpit: (an excellent blogger on the Pats, by the way)

  • McNeil, et al. v. NFL, et al. – Won jury verdict for NFL players striking down free agency restrictions under the antitrust laws. This victory led to the Reggie White class action, in which the free agency/salary cap system in the NFL was negotiated.
  • Brady v. NFL – Successfully represented a class of NFL players in an antitrust action which led to the end of the 2011 NFL lockout.
  • Players Inc. v. Gridiron and Athletes First – Successfully prosecuted two frontier IP litigations challenging the group use of NFL player images on websites.
  • City of Oakland and Alameda County, et al. v. Oakland Raiders – Obtained summary judgment on behalf of City of Oakland and Alameda County requiring Raiders to honor the team’s stadium lease and remain in Oakland.
  • NBA and NFL arbitrations – Represented the players associations in numerous arbitrations involving player free agency rights, circumvention claims, collusion claims, and salary caps.
  • North American Soccer League, et al. v. NFL– Successfully represented North American Soccer League in antitrust case striking down NFL ownership rules.
  • Guidry, et al. v. AFL, et al. – Successfully represented class of AFL players in antitrust case which established free agency in the AFL.
  • Belichick v. NFL, et al. – Represented NFL Head Coach in litigation over changing teams.
  • NFLPA v. NFL – Successfully represented NFLPA in challenge to provisions of NFL TV Contracts used to fund the NFL 2011 Lockout.

As Hill also points out, Kessler was the one that helped get Adrian Peterson reinstated, as well as Ray Rice. He also got Jonathan Vilma‘s suspension reduced by five games, and successfully represented Latrell Sprewell, who choked his coach. Kessler is going to blow the Wells report apart, and this is not going to end well for Goodell and the NFL.

On a Brady note, according to Adam Schefter, with this loaded legal team, a league source told him that he wouldn’t be surprised if Brady ends up serving zero games once the appeal process is done.

I have been saying all along that once Brady got the lawyers involved, and he sued/sent his appeal to the NFL, this would quickly fall apart for Roger Goodell. There is no evidence against Brady that warrants a four game suspension, and the moronic Wells report will be torn apart by the actual intelligent people now involved.

The NFL started a war they cannot win. Brady, the Pats, and the NFLPA is coming after them with everything they have.

This is going to be fun.