Ted Wells Says He Was Paid Millions Of Dollars By NFL, Adds ‘Brady Was Totally Cooperative’


The moron himself, Ted Wells, has finally broken his silence and responded to the criticism that has been thrown his way in wake of his deflate-gate report.

Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal was on the call:

"Wells said the Patriots cooperated with him but wouldn’t let him talk to Jim McNally for a second time or Brady for a second time. — Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) May 12, 2015"

This all smells to me. It smells like an investigator lying about his independence, and I think this is all going to blow up in the NFL’s face when Tom Brady and the Patriots take this to a court filled with intelligent people.

It’s also hilarious that poor little Teddy’s feelings got hurt for an inconclusive report filled with holes that is being used to make one of the best overall citizens the NFL has ever seen, look like a cheater.

Man up, Ted.

Your report has a LOT of holes in it, and it is going to be exposed when Tom Brady takes you to court.