Tom Brady Suspended, Patriots Docked Picks


So the NFL thinks it’s cute to suspend Tom Brady 4 games and dock the Patriots 2016 1st round pick as well as their 2017 4th round pick. They’ve gone too far.

Brady getting 4 games is a joke. How can you give someone who “probably” knew about some air being let out of some footballs a suspension twice as long as someone who knocks out his wife (Ray Rice)? I mean that’s just ridiculous. Big Ben only got 3 games for multiple rape allegations, so what I’m gathering is that women’s rights is less important than the PSI of a few balls. How can the commissioner say that matters that actually go into court are less offensive than Brady’s “potential” wrong doing. I think they gave Brady 4 games because they expect him to appeal and it’ll probably go down to 2. That’s not the issue though. The NFL cited prior disciplinary actions (spygate) as well as the Patriots unwillingness to become available as their motivation to go above and beyond what everyone thought they’d get

Taking away 2 draft picks is just ludicrous. How can you take away the Patriots 1st round pick for this but don’t dock the Browns for sending texts, the Jets for tampering or the Falcons for pumping artificial crowd noise into their stadiums any where near as hard? All 3 of those charges effect the way games are played. The Jets get Revis, the Browns get who knows what from text messages and the Falcons…well they get nothing cuz it didn’t help any.

Suspending Brady is one thing, but taking away picks is a whole new ballgame. Brady will appeal. He basically has to. He has to try to save his self image as well as be there for his team. I think the suspension will get reduced to 2 games, Jimmy G will go 1 and 1, then Brady will come back more pissed off than he ever has been before. They might not go 19-0 but Brady might go 15-0/17-0. Watch out, a pissed off Tom Brady is the worst kind of Tom Brady you can imagine and taking away the Patriots’ 1st round pick will only fuel Belichick to go that much crazier in free agency. It worked last year, it’ll work again.

Commissioner Goodell, you yet again got it wrong. Way to make a mountain out of an ant hill.