If Tom Brady Is Suspended, The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl (Again)


Read that title. Memorize it. Write it down, and hang it up on the wall.

If you’re a Patriots fan, it’s to reinforce the notion that we are the true winners in this whole controversy. If you’re not a Patriots fan, it’s a warning, and if I were you, I’d be praying Roger Goodell decides not to suspend Brady.

What makes Tom Brady great? Well, there’s a whole list of things we can run through in regards to that question, but to me, the number one thing is his intense, fiery passion that he plays with. Brady is the most vocal and passionate quarterback to ever play the game, and that was on full display throughout the 2014 season. Brady is always pumped up, and he always wants to win, but he took it to a whole different planet last year. He had a fire in his eyes that was a once in a lifetime thing to witness, and he rode that all the way to a fourth Super Bowl championship.

If Brady is suspended, you take that drive to win he had last year, the most passionate year of his life, and you multiply it by 100. Brady’s legacy is being questioned, ignorant morons are discounting all the hard work he has put in over the course of his career. He is being labeled as a cheater, a liar, and a disgrace to the NFL.

You don’t think that is going to fire him up more than he has ever been fired up before in his life?

On top of that, he may miss a few games to start the year. If you know Tom Brady at all, you know that football is his life. He always says that family is 1a, and football is 1b. Do realize how angry he will be if he is forced to sit out of a game not by choice, and not because of an injury? I have never seen Brady more amped up than was last season in the San Diego and Green Bay games, but if he were suspended, he would make that seem like a calm outing.

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Just think about what will be going through Brady’s head if he can’t be on the field for the season opener, where the banner for the 2014 Super Bowl will be raised. Brady worked his butt off for that championship. He worked harder than he has ever worked for that title, and because our moronic commissioner doesn’t have a brain, he could miss it.

Of course the damage is probably already done. If Brady isn’t suspended, or he fights it in court, and wins (which is the more likely scenario), I think he will be just as motivated as if he were actually suspended. Over the last couple of days, the entire country has been declaring Brady a cheat, a liar, and someone that doesn’t deserve to be labeled as the “GOAT,” which despite what Brady says, has to affect him very deeply.

The bottom line is this: the real winners of this scandal is the New England Patriots. The fire that has been lit under Brady has already spread to the rest of the team, and they aren’t just going to want to win every game this year, they are going to want to win by 50 each week. If Brady is suspended, he will come back more pissed off than ever, and there isn’t a team in the world that can stop Brady and company when they have this mindset. The 1985 Bears front seven, paired with the 2013 Seahawks secondary, paired with the 1999 Rams offense won’t be able to beat Tom Brady and the Pats next season. They are going to annihilate everybody, because they are on a mission to show the world that they aren’t done.

Winning a fourth Super Bowl wasn’t enough for Brady. He wants much more.

The NFL made a big mistake. Now they’re going to pay.