What If Tom Brady Is Done In New England?


So this Wells report did nothing but add fuel to the fire that burns under all Patriot haters. Even though no evidence says Tom Brady, or anyone else, did anything wrong, all parties potentially involved may get disciplined to some unknown degree.

Thank god that the court of public opinion does have a ton of weight in any matters. Everyone wants Tom Brady to be penalized harder than what Greg Hardy or Ray Rice got punished. I mean, that is just a joke. Even if Brady cheated, it’s only his first offense; and no one was hurt. Plus, there was no legal recourse with him. At most Brady should get a 2 game suspension, and at minimum a mild fine.

If Brady does get suspended though, Jimmy Garappolo would be thrust into the starting line up. Say Jimmy really puts on a show during Brady’s time off the field. Could we see what Brady did to Bledsoe happen to Brady?

We all know the Tom Brady story: Drew Bledose got hurt, Brady came in and played amazingly. Drew never got his starting job back and then was traded the next season. If Jimmy came in and played lights out (like everyone is reporting he can), does that make Tom Brady expendable? I mean everyone, even Brady, has a price. You’re going to tell me that if Garoppolo played his heart out and was winning games Brady couldn’t be traded? What would it take? Probably an RG3 like deal. Would that at least make you think about trading Brady away?

Let’s face it, Tom Brady probably has 5 solid years in the tank, and to be offered something like 3 first rounder picks for him would be tempting; especially if Jimmy G come in and plays like everyone says he can.

I mean, my opinion of Brady will never change. He could punch my mother in the face and I’d be jealous it wasn’t me. I love Brady and I never want to see him go, but I know he won’t be around forever. If his time did come, it would be a tough decision either way: retire after playing only for the Patriots or be offered a king’s ransom for the best ever?