NFL Draft 2015: How Did Jordan Richards React To Getting Drafted By The Patriots?

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Oct 18, 2014; Tempe, AZ, USA; Stanford Cardinal safety Jordan Richards (8) against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after being drafted by the New England Patriots, safety Jordan Richards held a conference call with reporters to discuss this moment.

Here is the official transcript: (via the Patriots official website)

Q: What was the reaction when the Patriots took you?

JR: I mean, just so excited with me and my family here. It’s an incredible opportunity to get to talk with the coaches and Mr. [Robert] Kraft, Coach [Bill] Belichick. It’s a dream come true and I’m just excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to get out there and get ready to go.

Q: Your dad is from Massachusetts. Are you a Patriots fan?

JR: My dad is from Natick, so he was stoked for sure. Being a California kid, I can’t say I’m a Patriots fan or I was growing up, but shoot, I can change now.

Q: What kind of pre-draft contact did you have with the Patriots and how much did they talk to you leading up to this?

JR: I mean, it’s a long process, so you’re trying to market yourself to all the teams and you don’t really know how much of an impact or an impression you make on any of them in particular. But throughout the whole time I just tried to put my best foot forward and be who I am. And obviously the Patriots saw some interest in that and I’m juiced for the opportunity and can’t wait to go.

Q: Who are you? How would you describe your strengths as a player and a person?

JR: As a player, I think I play fast and physical and that kind of touches all aspects of the game, whether it’s [special] teams or defense. And as a person, I think I’m a smart player and I think I’m easily coachable and that I just want to learn and be the best football player I can be, so an organization like the Patriots, I’m going to try to go there and be a sponge and soak up as much as I can from teammates and coaches and somehow contribute to the success of this organization.

Q: Did you have any sense that the Patriots thought so highly of you that you might go in the second round?

JR: I mean, it’s tough. You hear ranges from all kinds of sources: high, low. It’s tough to take stock in that because I’m not the one that controls who is getting picked. So I tried not to worry about it and I just put my trust in God that I’m going to get my opportunity some place and that opportunity has come and I can’t wait.

Q: The ESPN broadcast said your teammates call you ‘Coach Richards’ because you know where everyone on the field is supposed to be for all the snaps. Is that the case? And is that just that you know the playbook so well from playing so long? Why was that?

JR: Yeah, I mean, for me I wanted to be the best football player I could be and that means as a safety, you don’t just know what the safety does; you know the corners, you know what the linebackers are up to and the defensive ends and the d-line and interior guys. I think it’s just a way of trying to earn the respect of your teammates and show that it means a lot to you and that you’re really serious about that. That’s my goal heading to New England is to just be a sponge and absorb and absorb and absorb.

Q: Did you like being called ‘Coach Richards’?

JR: Not at all. Not at all. Not at all, but I love my teammates. They’re too much. I have too much fun with them and I’m so thankful for all that they’ve done that’s helped me get to this stage and have this opportunity.

Q: How close are you to Cameron Fleming, a former teammate that’s now a Patriot?

JR: Yeah, it’s awesome to get to go play with Cam again. He’s a guy that you just respect the way he carries himself, respect the way he works at the game. He’s just a solid person, so I’m excited to get to spend a little more time with Cam out there and just really can’t wait.

Q: How much have you communicated with him within the last half hour or even before that about what’s going on?

JR: I haven’t quite yet. I got to talk with Tyler Gaffney, who’s another guy I respect the heck out of and who he is and they way he plays – another former teammate here at Stanford. He sent me a text and I responded back and I said ‘I just can’t want to come out there and join y’all.’

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