What’s On the Horizon for the Patriots’ Draft?


So round 1 of the NFL 2015 draft is in the books. The Patriots got a top 15-20 pick at 32, which is insane. The rest of the weekend is filled with more drafting, so here’s what the Patriots might do this weekend.

Snag a Receiver

Agholor was taken by the Eagles, but even if he was available at 32 I still think the Patriots would have drafted Brown. Malcolm Brown is just a tank, this guy is really, really good. There are still receivers in this draft that the Patriots can look at however, the one I want the most is Dorial Green-Beckham. I wanted DGB over everyone else in this year’s receiver class. Outside of his off the field issues, he’s a stud. This guy is a top 20 pick easily, but now he’s available in the second. The Patriots should bundle some picks and move up to get him before someone else does. If he’s not available, I expect someone like Jaelen Strong, Devin Funchess or Devin Smith to be in the mix. If they want to get one later, Stefon Diggs could be looked at in the 3rd round.

Zac Stacy?

So, after the Rams selected Todd Gurley at 10, Zac Stacy apparently asked for a trade or to be released. If the Patriots are interested in getting a running back with experience Stacy may be that guy. The Patriots could probably get him for a 5th round pick at most. That 5th is a lot better than using a 2nd or 3rd on someone like Ameer Adhullah or Duke Johnson. I’d love that pick-up. Stacy is a good back, he just needs a change of scenery.

Patriots Studded Day 2

The Patriots have 5 picks in the top 101, they still have pick 64, 96, 97 and 101 to go. There are a few things the Patriots could to to really shake things up: trade up for someone like Randy Gregory (they won’t but it would be crazy if the did), snagged Devin Funchess or Maxx Williams, or get Landon Collins. If any of these things happen I would lose my mind. The 2-4 round is loaded with 1st round talent so the Patriots really control their own destiny at this point. They look for value, and in this draft, round 2-4 are loaded with starter potential.

-fun fact about the Patriots-

Every year since Belichick has been the Patriots’ coach, when he selects a DT in the first round, the team has won the Super Bowl the following year.

2001-Richard Seymour- defeated Rams in SB

2003-Ty Warren- defeated Panthers in SB

2004-Vince Wilfork- defeated Eagles in SB

2014-Dominique Easely -defeated Seahawks in SB

2015-Malcolm Brown -??

Happy drafting.