New England Patriots Danny Amendola Says ‘This Is Home’, Scott Chandler Admires Gronk


Yesterday, Danny Amendola and Scott Chandler met with the media for the first time in 2015, talking about the upcoming season, getting into shape, and for Amendola, his recent contract restructure.

Here are a few of the quotes, via Brendan Hall of ESPN Boston:

Amendola on staying with the Pats:

"“I love playing for this team, for these coaches, for this organization. I have family out here. This is home to me. I love playing here. This is a great experience, and I’d like to prolong that for as long as I can. It’s been fun.”"

On his restructure:

"“It’s a business. Everybody treats it like a business. You love playing football, you love being around the locker room, and that’s really the most important thing for me. I love the group we have here. I love the work ethic everybody puts in each week. I love being here, and that’s why I chose to come back. …“I’m focused on the future. I have a lot of football to play. I have a chip on my shoulder still. I want to play good football for a long time.”"

Scott Chandler on Gronk:

"“He’s a fun loving guy, a fun guy to be around, and he works hard. He’s a fun teammate to have.”"

Chandler on his previous success against the Patriots:

"“I don’t know that that’s going to matter too much coming here.”"

I know Amendola hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations in his stint with the Pats, but I love his game, and his attitude, and as far as I’m concerned, with the way he stepped up at the end of the season last year, and the playoffs, he has earned the money he has been given. The problem is this offense is made for one “Julian Edelman” to flourish. Amendola and Edelman have a lot of the same skills, and both of them can’t put up big numbers in this system. With that said, Amendola is a terrific complementary piece to Jules and Gronk, and proved just that throughout New England’s Super Bowl run.

As for Chandler, I am extremely excited for what he can bring to the table this year. If you can believe it, Chandler is actually bigger than Rob Gronkowski, as he towers at 6’7, and weighs in at roughly 260 pounds. He is an athletic mismatch like Gronk, and opposing defenses will have a lot of trouble containing the two of them, particularly in the red zone.