Darrelle Revis Respects The Patriots, But ‘A Rivarly’s A Rivalry’


Darrelle Revis helped the New England Patriots win a fourth Super Bowl last year, so I will never truly hate him like I do with so many other Jets players. But with that said, now that he is back in New York, I won’t be rooting for him to do well anytime soon.

Revis spoke with the media yesterday as the Jets began voluntary minicamp, and he had some interesting things to say regarding how he feels, and how he views the Patriots-Jets rivalry.

(Quotes via Kieran Darcy of ESPN New York)

Revis on where is game is:

"“I think I’m better than I was before. I think I’m way more smarter, and way more intelligent at the game.”"

On wanting to go back to New York before he signed with the Pats:

"“I was knocking on the [Jets’] door when I went into free agency after I left Tampa. I got denied. We don’t look at it like hatred or anything like that — it’s business. They felt that I wasn’t the guy to be, that’s fine. Everybody has to build a 53-man roster, and I wasn’t selected. It’s OK. Other teams out there in free agency wanted me to play for their ballclub.“Never thought I would be back, [but] there was an opportunity for me to come back, and this is where I’m most comfortable. This is where I was drafted. This is home.”"

On this Jets team compared to past teams:

"“The sky’s the limit. We can even be better. We can even be better than those teams — and not taking away anything from those teams a couple years ago. Right now it’s [time] for us to build a foundation.”"

On the Pats:

"“A rivalry is a rivalry. I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys — always did, even before I played with them. [But] a rivalry’s a rivalry.”"

I feel the same way about you, Darrelle. I appreciate what you did to help bring us a fourth Lombardi trophy, but you’re a Jet now. You’re the enemy, and I will be rooting against you with every fiber of my being once the 2015 season begins. I have nothing but love for what you did in 2014, but come October 25th, I hope Tom Brady and Julian Edelman come after you hard, and connect on a few touchdown passes. You chose to go back to mediocrity, which means you will be sitting at home in January and February while your former team is competing for a championship.

Sorry, Darrelle. It’s not personal, it’s just business.