The Patriots We Want To See Cut


Since the draft is coming up, other players will have to be released in order to make room for the new ones. I thought it’d be fun to list the Patriots’ player we want to see cut and give a few reasons on why we really don’t like them.

Aaron Dobson

People were so infatuated with that behind the back catch that they turned a blind eye to everything else he isn’t capable of. How can a player make one catch when he can’t even see the ball, then let the ball hit him in the hands, then the face, and still drop it? Fans got a taste of what he could have been against Pittsburgh his rookie season, but he fizzled out and needs to just go away. He hasn’t been healthy, or if he is healthy, the Patriots just don’t want to play him, which is telling.

Josh Boyce

See Dobson. Another receiver that everyone thought would fit into the receiving core well, he got cut and placed on the practice squad his second season. He’s a bust just like Dobson and I want them both cut together.

Jake Bequette

This dude found some way to never have to play and get paid for it. He was an early round pick a few years ago and was able to stay on the 53 man roster until last year. Then, he got put on the practice squad. How he managed to hang around this long amazes me.

Dion Lewis

I honestly didn’t even know he was 1)on the Patriots roster, and 2) even in football anymore until I looked up the Patriots’ roster. The Patriots have a bevy of mediocrity at running back, and Lewis is the worst of them all. He’s probably a camp body but I don’t even know why he got that far.

Jonas Gray

Boy am I tired of Gray. He had 1 good game. Anyone could have run through the gaping holes that were being created in Indy that night. There’s nothing special about Gray and he’s buried pretty far down in the depth chart. Just let him move on because everyone is tired of the love/hate relationship he has with Belichick. You were a one trick wonder, move on from it.

Malcolm Butler

This one has nothing to do with the player but everything to do with the fan base. People are calling for Butler to start because of the Super Bowl interception. Which isn’t his fault. However, there’s a reason he went undrafted. He’s not that good. He’ll never be that good. I will bet he’ll end up like Sterling Moore did a few years ago: have one good postseason and then just collapse. Butler owes all of his praise to Brandon Browner anyway, Browner caused the play, Butler just so happened to be there at the right time.

So here’s my list of players I want the Patriots to cut. Which player do you want to see gone?