NFL Rumors: Tom Brady Was At Gillette Stadium For Some Time During Patriots’ White House Visit


Last Thursday the New England Patriots went to the White House for the customary champions visit. It was a pretty awesome ceremony, as Rob Gronkowski stole the show with his “President was wasted” joke. However quarterback Tom Brady was absent, as he had prior family commitments to attend. There has been way too much scrutiny thrown towards Brady’s way since Thursday, as some morons have been saying he is selfish, not a team player, wanted to spite the president, or in some bizarre cases, he was accused of racism.

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I have been over this way too many times since Thursday, but I’ll say it again: Brady is the most unselfish, team oriented player I have ever seen. He is always about supporting his teammates, and there is no way he would have blown off this White House visit just because he didn’t agree with President Obama’s views. The only thing that could possibly separate him from a team event like this would be a family situation, and that is exactly what Brady had to do.

It is interesting however, as Mike Reiss reported yesterday that Brady was actually at Gillette Stadium for a period of time on Thursday when New England was in Washington D.C.

"For what it’s worth, I’m told Brady was present at the stadium for a stretch of time Thursday while many in the organization were at the White House."

It’s certainly nothing to get all excited about, it’s just interesting. I 100% believe Brady had a family commitment, and that is absolutely more important than taking a little tourist trip to the White House. We may never see a team player like Brady ever again the sport of football, and instead of tearing him down for a stupid missed appearance at the White House, we should be commending him for putting family first, which is what everyone should do.