New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys Ranked As The Best NFL Game Of 2015

facebooktwitterreddit’s Eliot Harrison ranked the top 15 NFL games of 2015 last week, and the New England Patriots were well represented on the list. Harrison has four Patriots games listed, including the number one game. At 13 Harrison has the Pats vs. Colts game, at 11 he has the opening game against the Steelers, at 6 he has Brady vs. Manning, and at number one, he has the Cowboys game.

I like the rankings, and he brought up a good point about the Cowboys-Patriots game that I hadn’t thought about since last January when the Pats and Cowboys were both trying to get into the Super Bowl. Dallas and New England are easily the two most hated teams in the NFL, and it is not even close. I think deflate-gate firmly established the Patriots as the most hated, but the Cowboys are locked in at number two.

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This game is going to be great because we will see two elite teams going at it, but it will also be great because all of America will be watching, hoping that somehow both squads can lose. You can’t say that about any other game on the 2015 schedule, and that gives this game the nod over the other intriguing matchups.

Here is what Harrison had to say on the Dallas vs. New England game:

"1) The Patriots and Cowboys are easily the two most hated teams in the NFL. And this kind of hatred = ratings.2) This figures to be a very tough road test for the defending champions.3) Tom Brady is the best quarterback of his generation, while Tony Romo led the league last season with a 113.2 passer rating and a mark of 8.5 yards per attempt.4) New England will not face Seattle or Green Bay in the regular season. Strictly going off last season, Dallas is the strongest opponent on the defending champs’ schedule.5) Many analysts felt that, had Dez Bryant‘s catch against thePackers in the divisional round stood, thus helping the Cowboysadvance to the NFC title game, Dallas’ offensive line would have been too much for the Seahawks. Meaning Super Bowl XLIX could’ve been New England vs. Dallas.Tell me people won’t be psyched about this. Considering it’s such a rare matchup, what with the current scheduling formula, which has AFC divisions facing NFC divisions once every four years, this was an easy call as the top contest of 2015."