Patriots Need A Better Draft Than Last Year


The NFL draft isn’t that far away and everyone is finalizing their 87th mock draft. The Patriots need to make sure that this year’s draft is a lot better than last years.

Last year’s draft seemed like they were planning for several years down the line. There’s nothing wrong with planning for the future but the team’s top 3 picks were a complete waste of time for last season. Rounds 1-3 saw Dominique Easley (ended on IR), Jimmy Garoppolo (ended on bench) and James White (M.I.A.) all give basically nothing to the super bowl run last year. They helped 0%. The only good thing to come out of last year’s draft was 4th round center, Brian Stork. He saved the day. If they wouldn’t have drafted Stork, last year’s draft would have been as bad as the 2009 draft was.

2 different picks from last year didn’t even make the opening day roster, so they were wastes of picks. 1 ended on the practice squad, 1 on IR, and 2 on the bench. What good did any of that do last year? Patriot fans get to see rookies like OBJ, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans, Jace Amaro, Eric Ebron, Teddy Bridgewater and a list of other rookies give something to their teams, what did the Patriots get from basically their ENTIRE draft last year? Nothing. Except for Stork, I hated EVERY pick they made last year, and unless something happens this season, the past 2 drafts will produce maybe 1 starter from each class. 2 years ago gave us Jamie Collins, but also gave us Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce and a bunch of other worthless players. Now last year gave us a bunch of nothing outside of Brian Stork.

The Patriots better fix their tune real quick. Especially because they can’t seem to develop receivers or corners. I’ve all but given up on them drafting a receiver at all, I know they won’t do it in the 1st round. They’ll probably draft Eddie Goldman ( who is a mid second round talent) at 32 and I’ll be angry and turn off my TV in disgust. The Patriots don’t build their team through the draft, they build it through free-agency. Outside of the offensive and defensive line, the majority of their team is brought in off the scrap heap. So, I expect nothing less this year. Just once I wish the Patriots would pull a Julio Jones type of trade, but they never will. I’ll just sit back next weekend and watch them draft people I’ve never heard of and hope that they pan out.