NFL Schedule Release 2015: Full Patriots Regular Season Schedule Unveiled


The 2015 NFL schedule has officially been released. The New England Patriots will open the season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was one of the expected matchups for opening weekend. New England receives 5 primetime games, 3 of which are on Sunday night, 1 on Monday night, and 1 on Thursday night. The Pats have to go to Denver, Indy, Houston, and Dallas, so their road schedule is definitely daunting.

Going back to the opener for a second, the Steelers aren’t an unexpected matchup, but I think the NFL could have done better. Yes, the duel between the two quarterbacks is great, but we could have had Rex Ryan and Bills come in, Darrelle Revis and the Jets, or Tim Tebow (LOL) and the Eagles. I’m not complaining necessarily, especially considering how bad Pittsburgh’s defense is, but I think the NFL got too caught up in the hype of Tom Brady versus Big Ben.

When I first found out the Patriots’ 2015 opponents, my eyes immediately jumped to a few games: the Cowboys game, the Broncos game, and the Giants game. The first two I am excited for because they should be excellent games, but the third is just for revenge. I know one regular season win can’t take away the sting of two Super Bowl losses, but it helps.

After the events of 2014, we can also add the Jets and Colts to the list of “revenge games”, the Colts for their role in deflate-gate, and the Jets for their ludicrous tampering charges. I can’t wait for both of those matchups.

Overall, I’d say the Patriots have a moderate schedule, not too hard, and not too easy. Their balance of road trips to home stands is nice, and there are a few big stretches of the season that will likely have a big say in the seeding of the AFC playoffs. I will say that week four bye slot is just awful placement.

Another year, another 12-4 season.

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