NFL Rumors: Deflate-Gate Investigation Should Focus On The Colts And NFL Officials


Leading up to the Super Bowl, there was way too much talk about ‘deflate-gate’, and not enough talk about the actual football game. The facts do not support any notion that the Patriots did anything wrong, and if the Wells report ever comes out, I think it should focus on the NFL for how this crap was handled, and possibly the Colts for any weird behavior regarding the footballs.

The twitter account ‘ Sharks Of Vegas’ has been way ahead of the game throughout this whole deflate-gate scandal, and while that is far from a guarantee, it is a worthy rumor.

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft have said they knew nothing about the footballs being deflated, and because they have come out so adamantly about it, we should believe them. But the main facts that free the Pats of any wrongdoing come via an Ian Rapoport on the day of the Super Bowl.

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Here are the two main points from Rapoport:

"That the man entered the restroom prior to walking with the footballs onto the field was discovered by the Patriots, and video footage was quickly turned over to Ted Wells for his investigation.Eleven of the 12 footballs used in the first half were judged by the officials to be under the minimum of 12.5 PSI, but just one was two pounds under. Many of them were just a few ticks under the minimum."

If the Pats did something wrong, why on earth would they willingly turn over that video of the main in the restroom to the NFL? They did nothing wrong, and they just wanted this thing to blow over, so they thought giving the NFL that tape would do the trick.

As for the 11 of the 12 balls being under-inflated just a tick, that is just mother nature doing her thing. It is natural for the footballs to lose a little air in a cold weather game, and since Rapoport works for the NFL (!!!), his report his probably fairly accurate.

That one football that was more than 2.5 PSI under? I think we should be talking to the Colts about that.