Miami Dolphins Don’t Sign Wes Welker; He Needs To Retire


Our old friend Wes Welker visited with the Miami Dolphins yesterday, but according to to Ian Rapoport, he left without an offer. Welker spent his first two seasons in Miami, racking up 96 receptions, 1,121 yards, and one touchdown. He then was traded to New England, where he proceeded to smash records with Tom Brady and that record setting offense.

However after the 2012 season Welker left the Patriots for Denver, where he sustained a few concussions on his way to being phased out of the Peyton Manning offense. Now Welker is a free agent looking for work, and right now, it doesn’t look like he will get any. The Dolphins are starved for receivers, particularly slot guys, and while they could certainly still sign Welker, right now the reality is, Wes doesn’t have a job in the NFL.

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My Thoughts On Wes:

I’m now speaking as a Patriots fan that watched Welker dominate the middle of the field in Foxboro for six straight seasons. I watched this short, undrafted dude take the NFL by storm when he was in New England, defying odds every week, picking up first down after first down, when the opposing defense would make it a priority to key in on him on third downs. At that point, Welker was the toughest receiver I have ever watched play football. He got rocked all game long, but rarely, if ever stayed on the ground for more than a second. The shortest guy on the field got annihilated by linebackers two or three times a game, but he popped right up and jogged back into the huddle ready to make another play.

His departure from New England got a little ugly, and his cheapshot on Aqib Talib in the 2013 AFC Championship didn’t help, but I’ll always have love for Wes Welker. He was Edelman before Edelman (I do think Jules now is better than Welker ever was, but that’s a different article). Wes would die on the field for Brady and company, and he nearly did that a few times.

Now, that has come back to haunt him, as Seyton Manning has taken advantage of his toughness, nearly killing the poor dude multiple times on the field. Welker has suffered three concussions since he got to Denver, and it is obvious he is not the same player. A once dominant slot wideout has been reduced to a role player at best.

I’m begging you, Wes. Retire now, and let us remember you for the great player you were. Don’t drag this thing out and force us to think of you as a slow veteran that couldn’t get much done. And more importantly, don’t jeopardize your future just to play a few more football games. It’s a just a game. One that you dominated for a long time with Tom Brady.

End it now, and let us remember you in a positive way.

(I purposely left out his Super Bowl drop….let’s focus on the good things he did today.)