Top Positions The Patriots Won’t Touch In Draft


So the Patriots have some holes in their roster like all other teams, however, there are a couple of positions that they probably won’t touch in this upcoming draft.


No chance they draft anyone this year. They still have the greatest QB ever at the helm and they have a pretty solid back up. There’s no need to draft another one. However, they might pick one up as a camp body, but that’d be it.


Unless someone like Ameer Abdullah or Duke Johnson fell to them in the third (which won’t happen) I don’t expect a running back to be drafted. They already have so many and I think they’ll be happy going into camp with what they have.


Basically the same thing as the RBs. If someone amazing falls to them and he’s the BPA then there’s a shot the Patriots take him. They’re not going to get mesmerized by a big name, they never have. Plus both positions are pretty stacked. WR is more likely than any other offensive skill position, but I still see that as a stretch.


They were able to re-sign both Chung and McCourty and they’re locked to be the starters for next season. Harmon and Wilson are pretty good in a pinch. I don’t think Landon Collins will fall to them and he’s the only safety worth taking in this draft.

Kicker and Punter

Ryan Allen is catching on quickly and Gostkowski is the best in the biz. The Patriot legs are all set for next season.

Everything else

I expect the Patriots to draft at least 3 lineman. I’m expecting 2 offensive and 1 defensive. They’ll probably go for a NT or interior d-lineman. The Patriots also need more rotation for the O-line, especially if Connolly doesn’t come back. The Pats need to start looking forward because lineman contracts are up next year.

I also think the Patriots will draft a CB this year. It won’t be a 1st rounder though. He’ll be someone that will see some playing time but not a whole lot. I expect Fletcher, Arrington and Dennard/Ryan to start the season. Butler will get some play, but he won’t be a starter.

Everything else is fair game. They should draft a linebacker, and they’ll probably draft some special teamers. We’ll see.