The New England Patriots Should Select Another Quarterback In NFL Draft Soon


Before you start flipping out, relax for a second, and allow me to make my point. Let me be clear about this: the New England Patriots should absolutely not be picking a quarterback in the 2015 draft. The class is weak, and they have no need for another signal caller as of this current moment.

However with that said, when we look at the grand scheme of things, Bill Belichick and company should be thinking about drafting another quarterback in the near future. Either wait until the 2016 draft, or potentially the 2017 draft, depending on how the quarterback classes are looking. Now, I know you are thinking that since we already have a young stud in Jimmy Garoppolo, why on earth would the Pats want to draft another quarterback so soon?

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It’s simple, really. Garoppolo is under contract through 2017, and barring a big injury, Tom Brady likely won’t be done playing by then. Everyone has been billing Garoppolo has Brady’s successor, but they fail to realize Garoppolo will probably be out of Foxboro by the time Brady hangs up his cleats. Brady has been very clear about his desire to play well into his 40’s, and while that may be a pipe-dream, playing through 2017 is much more of a reality.

So if Brady does in fact keep playing through 2017, keeping Garoppolo on the bench for four years, the likelihood of Jimmy re-signing in New England to stay on the bench is next to zero. This kid has a ton of talent, and when you combine that with the knowledge he will soak up by sitting behind Tom Brady for four seasons, he will be highly coveted in free agency.

You can’t blame the youngster for wanting to cash in, and earn playing time.

After all of that, if the Patriots don’t plan, and draft carefully, they will be stuck without a competent backup quarterback in 2018, and by then, Tom Brady’s retirement will be rapidly approaching. I expect Bill Belichick and his coaching staff to zero in on the quarterbacks in the 2017 draft, hoping to find another young stud to groom behind Mr. Brady.

I am up to my neck in the 2015 draft, so I can’t really give an analysis on the signal callers coming out in 2016 and 2017, but rest assured, the Patriots will be on top of that going forward. Belichick is the greatest coach of all time for a reason, as he is never unprepared. He will have a plan lined up to make sure the Pats will be okay post-Brady, and it starts in the 2016, or 2017 NFL draft.