The Baltimore Ravens Are A Bunch Of Sore Losers; Reminiscent Of Indianapolis Colts


Yesterday the NFL passed a rule to eliminate the use of “ineligible” receivers in game action. If you remember back to the AFC Divisional playoff game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens, the Pats used some interesting formations (completely legal, by the way), that included having only four offensive lineman on the field, and making running backs ineligible.

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The Ravens weren’t smart enough to figure out this formation out and adjust to it, so John Harbaugh cried about it to the league, and because once again the Patriots out-smarted the rest of the NFL, they just changed the rules instead of actually doing some work and figuring out how to stop them.

John Keim of ESPN gives us the official rulings:

"The NFL passed a rule Wednesday that makes it illegal for an offensive player wearing an eligible number — between 1 and 49, or 80 to 89 — to report as ineligible and line up outside the tackle box. Now, if a player is declared ineligible yet lines up outside the tackle box, the offense will be penalized for illegal substitution."

Does this remind anyone of the stunt Bill Polian and the Indianapolis Colts pulled back in 2004 in regards to pass interference, and the five-yard “cushion” rule. Back in those playoffs, the Pats completely abused Indy’s receivers, and instead of figuring out a way to adjust and beat Bill Belichick, the Colts simply cried to the league, who placed a bigger emphasis on calling defensive penalties in the secondary going forward.

If you can’t beat ’em, whine about it and get the rules changed.

Evidently this is the motto the rivals of the Pats live by, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. The Patriots have dominated the NFL for a good 14 years, proving year after year they are smarter than everybody else, and continuously win even when the rules are changed to hurt them.

Baltimore, you didn’t lose to the Pats because of the “tricks” they ran. You lost because your defense couldn’t contain the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady, and Joe Flacco couldn’t close the deal against Bill Belichick’s defense.

That’s it.

Yeah, as a side-not you proved how little brain cells you have by not being able to adjust to a play you learn in POP WARNER, but you didn’t lose because of it. And then, you cry about it and go complain to the league to try and get those formations banned.

Why not ban the use of a quarterback? A receiver that knows how to catch the football? Rob Gronkowski?

Give it up, Ravens. You look bad, and everybody knows it. You lost to the Patriots because you weren’t the better team. New England was the best team in football last year, and you were a distant fifth or sixth. Instead of whining like a bunch of losers, why don’t you try building a better squad, and learning the rules of the game instead of just changing them at will.

The Ravens, Colts, and Jets won’t be competing for a Super Bowl championship next year, so instead, it looks like they are competing to be the dumbest franchise in the NFL. And even with this latest move pulled by Baltimore, the Jets have a very comfortable lead….for now.