Darrelle Revis Says Patriots’ Offer ‘Wasn’t In The Ballpark’ Of Jets


Former Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis spoke on the ‘Michael Kay Show’ yesterday, and he had some interesting things to say about contract negotiations over the past month or so.

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Take a look: (Via WEEI)

"“Obviously I’m not going to speak to numbers. But I had the option — the $20 million option — that they could’ve exercised and they didn’t. We tried to work on a deal, and the deal, we felt that it wasn’t in the ballpark of what we were looking for. We moved on and they moved on too. Had a great conversation with Bill [Belichick], and we moved forward just like they did. That’s how you look at it.”"

We all know that one of the top reasons Revis elected to go back to New York was because of the money, and this latest statement just reaffirms that notion. We knew going into free agency the Patriots wouldn’t be able to match New York’s offer, and it would take a “hometown discount” to keep number 24 in Foxboro. However even with that, I think the Pats’ offer would have had to at least be close the Jets in order for Revis to stay, and evidently it was not.

The key number we have to look at is the guaranteed money, as I think that is where New England got hung up. Revis signed on with the Jets for $39 million guaranteed, and according to Michael Giardi of CSNNE, the Patriots didn’t want to go north of $30 million.

We can all dream of what could have been, but the bottom line is this: Revis is now a Jet. I’ll always have love for him, because he helped bring the Patriots that elusive fourth Lombardi Trophy, but going forward, he is just another guy on the other side of a bitter, bitter rivalry. I can’t hate him like I hate every other member of that disgraceful organization, but I sure as hell won’t go out of my way to root for him.

Revis is also another reason why I hope the Pats host the Jets to open the 2015 season. That would be one of the greatest beatdowns in NFL history.