Bill Belichick Goes Off On Profane Rant Against NFL…Or Did He?


As you probably know by now the NFL decided not to pay for extra cameras to be placed on all the boundary lines in every NFL stadium, which was a proposal set forth by Bill Belichick. Evidently Belichick was not happy with this (rightfully so), and according to Adam Schefter, went on a profane filled rant in a meeting with the league.

Here is what Schefty said, via Pro Football Talk:

"“They were in a meeting the other day with Dean Blandino, the head of the officials, and Bill Belichick got up there, and in profane language, told the NFL: ‘We spend money to send the Pro Bowl to Brazil, we spend money to go overseas to London, but we can’t spend money to have four cameras in the end zone, four cameras to help determine the correct call in the end zone on certain plays?’ He went off, and the way it was explained to me, from people in the room at the time, they were laughing at it because his language was so profane and because he was so incensed about it, and the NFL didn’t know how to handle it. But the bottom line is, they did not introduce the four cameras in the end zone, they thought right now it’s too cost-prohibitive for the NFL even, and they don’t know how to do it. They’ll probably continue to look at this, but Bill Belichick left these owners’ meetings not particularly happy,”"

Even if you aren’t a Patriots fan, I think you have to agree with Belichick on this one. With all of the money these billionaire owners bring in, why on earth can’t they spend a little extra money to get more cameras on the field to take some controversy out of the game? If it’s fine to spend money to go to Brazil and London for show, what makes taking a little dough to improve the quality of the game so awful?

Belichick was right to go on this rant, and I hope in the coming years the NFL will come to their senses, and decide to fork over the cash to implement this plan.

Now, with this said, Mike Florio reported that Belichick actually never went on a rant, as confirmed by a few sources of his that were in the room. Of course Florio is arguably the worst guy in the business, while Adam Schefter is arguably the best.

Just something to ponder.