Bill Belichick Trolls Rest Of NFL, Joins Coaches Photo


Yesterday at the annual NFL meeting in Arizona, the coaches gathered for their customary group photo. Now, what is interesting about this is Bill Belichick decided to take part in this for a change. Usually Belichick elects to skip the picture, for reasons that only the Sith Lord himself knows.

But don’t you think it is kind of odd that the year Belichick finally joins in the photo is the same year he won his fourth Lombardi Trophy?

The hilarious Jerry Thornton of WEEI gives us his take:

"Lord help me I love this move by Bill Belichick. For years he’s blown off this annual NFL coaches photo. There’d be 31 other, lesser men who were thrilled to be included in this class picture and one who was too important to be bothered. It was a classic power move and it hacked off all these inferior men and most of America. It was glorious.But this? This is just a next-level power move. Walking into the photo so fresh from making sweet, sweet lovin’ with his fourth Lombardi Trophy that the smell of silver is still in his skin. He probably just came from getting fitted from his next gaudy championship ring. And he’s surrounded by coaches who’ve alternately accused him of cheating, complained that his trick formations were too much for their inferior brains to handle, worked to get the rules changed so they can compete on his level, and have tampered with his players during contract negotiations. But he chooses this offseason of triumph to immortalize his dominion over them forever in a photo."

Drop. The. Mic.

Thornton hits it right on the head, as I think this was one ultimate troll by Belichick. He is the greatest evil genius to ever grace professional sports, and he has pulled off some all-timers throughout his career. However this little stunt might top the list.

The beauty of it is how simple it is. Belichick is known for paying attention to every detail, and creating complex schemes and plans to win games year in, and year out. And yet, when it came time to shove a middle finger to the rest of the NFL, he found a simple way to do it in the most blatant manner possible.

I would try to dissect this move further, but all I have to do is direct you to the brilliant Mr. Thornton above. Jerry doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his work, but he really knows his Patriots, and he knows an evil genius when he sees one.

Touche, Mr. Belichick. Touche.