Report: Patriots’ Chris Jones, Ryan Wendell Underwent Offseason Surgery


According to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, two key contributors to the 2014 Patriots team underwent surgery this offseason. It evidently wasn’t “major”, but it is still worth passing along as we address what the Patriots’ needs are heading into the draft.

On Jones:

"Along those lines, third-year defensive tackle Chris Jones recently underwent surgery for what was described to me as a calf issue. In one respect, any surgery is significant. But this was considered minor in the scope of surgery, and Jones (45.5 percent of the snaps in 2014, 68 percent in 2013) is expected to be ready when it counts."

On Wendell:

"Starting right guard Ryan Wendell falls into a similar category as Jones; I’m told he has also been rehabbing after undergoing surgery this offseason. Again, nothing major, but it was described as a “clean out” type situation (believed to be his shoulder) and ultimately shouldn’t affect his availability for when it counts."

In my mind, the interior of the offensive and defensive lines are the two most important areas to address for the Patriots going forward, and while these two surgeries look like they won’t keep Wendell and Jones out for an extended period of time, I think it makes adding depth in the trenches even more important. If either of these two aren’t 100% to start the year, and they happen to re-injure something once the season begins, the Pats will need depth to offset the losses.

As we have seen in past years, not having enough depth in the trenches can absolutely destroy the Pats chances at winning a Super Bowl. Even though the NFL is a passing league, if you can’t stop the run, you won’t be winning anything, especially with the Seahawks still one of the top challengers to the crown. And as for the offensive line, when Tom Brady is your quarterback, the number goal each week is keeping him upright. I don’t think I need to go into that any further.

Hopefully Jones and Wendell are okay, but the Patriots will have to prepare for the worst case scenario. That is the ‘Patriot Way’.