NFL Rule Changes: Patriots Want More Cameras, Colts Want 9-Point-Play?


The annual NFL meetings will be held next week, and there are some interesting rule changes that have been proposed. Our Patriots have proposed three changes, and while I disagree with one of them, I’m a big fan of the first two, which involve more cameras (wink, wink), and the ability to challenge pretty much everything.

Here are the three proposals from New England, as per Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston:

  • Broaden what can be challenged on instant replay
  • Fixed cameras on boundary lines
  • Move the point after attempt to the 15-yard line

As I just mentioned, I like the first two rule changes, but I’m not so hot on the third one. Being able to challenge penalties and things of that nature would be huge for the NFL, and it could potentially take out a lot of the controversy that surrounds today’s game.

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Getting more cameras on the sideline and end-zone would also be nice, as it would take away the stupid angled views we always see when trying to decide a key moment in the game. Bill Belichick is always ahead of the game in this department, and I think the rest of the NFL is starting to catch up.

Lastly, the extra attempt, I know a lot of people would love seeing more excitement in that area, but I personally wouldn’t like having a game come down to a slightly missed extra point from 32 yards away. When Tom Brady leads his team down the field for the game-tying score, I don’t want to see the extra point become nerve-racking. Sorry, that’s just me.

Now, for the idiots of the meeting: the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are locked in a tight race with the Jets and Ravens for the dumbest team in the NFL award, and this new rule proposal might push them over the top.

Take a look:


That’s the only word I can come up with to describe this rule. It makes no sense whatsoever, and I hope Indy gets laughed out of the meeting next week. Maybe the reason they wanted to pass this rule was so they will only lose to the Patriots by 36 next year?

So stupid.

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