NFL Greatest Game Of All Time Bracket: Patriots Have Five Entries


With March Madness now upon us, has released some ‘bracketology’ of their own, creating a bracket of the best NFL games of all time. The field is 32 great matchups, and our Patriots are well represented. New England has five of the 32 games, although they did lose two of the matchups.

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The games for the Pats are the ’01 Super Bowl win against the Rams, the ’14 Super Bowl win over Seattle, the ‘Tuck Rule’ game, Super Bowl 42, and the 2006 AFC Championship loss to the Colts.

New England’s top seed is this last year’s matchup, as that game earned a three seed in the ‘crazy endings’ region, and they are facing off with the 2000 week eight matchup between the Jets and Dolphins. In that game, Miami blew a 23-point deficit, losing a thriller. The Pats currently have a big lead, but go vote!

The Patriots’ other top seed is Super Bowl 42, as they are seeded third in the ‘individual heroics’ region. They are facing the 1975 divisional playoff game between the Vikings and Cowboys, and 42 currently has a big edge. Go vote for those Cowboys!

Super Bowl 36 was arguably the greatest upset in Super Bowl history, and they are seeded fourth in the ‘dynasty makers’ region. They are facing the 1992 NFC championship between the Niners and Cowboys, and currently enjoy a comfortable lead. Go vote!

Many argue the ‘Tuck Rule’ game was actually the launch of New England’s dynasty, and it is seeded fourth in the ‘crazy endings’ region. This game faces the 1998 NFC Wild Card game between the Packers and Niners, and like the others, our Pats enjoy a nice lead. Go vote!

Finally, we have the 2006 AFC Championship game in which the Pats blew a big second half lead to Peyton Manning as he finally beat Tom Brady. This matchup faces the 1958 NFL Championship between the Giants and Colts, and currently trails that ancient game by a touch. Go vote for the old guys!