Patriots ‘Very Likely’ To Add WR Stevie Johnson


According to WEEI, the Patriots are very likely to sign former Bills and 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson very soon.

Johnson, 28, is currently in Foxboro meeting with the Patriots and a deal could be reached as early as the end of today. After big name players linked to the Patriots signed elsewhere last week, the Patriots need to bring in some fresh blood. Wide receiver Percy Harvin signed a 1-year deal with the Bills for $6 million. That kind of money is way out of the Patriots price range for a troubled player who is considered to be a locker room ‘cancer’. However, a player like Stevie Johnson could be the perfect Percy Harvin replacement. Johnson is known for his route running ability and has a pretty solid career thus far. He was able to top 1,000 receiving yards 3 times in his 6 year career already.

Johnson was cut by the 49ers earlier this week before he was due $5 million. The last 2 seasons for Stevie haven’t been that kind to him. He was being thrown the ball by EJ Manuel and what’s left of Colin Kaepernick, so Johnson’s numbers have dipped a lot. This makes him the perfect Patriots candidate. Everyone knows the Patriots rarely open the checkbook for anybody, and Johnson’s recent sub-par seasons could put him in a Patriots uniform really soon.

To all the people ready to say that they’d rather have Harvin over Johnson, think about this: Harvin said he wants to be a receiver, not a jack of all trades scat-back sort of player. He doesn’t want to line up in the backfield and do all of those cute little things anymore. If you line Johnson and Harvin up based solely on their receiving abilities, Johnson is head and shoulders above Harvin. Even though Johnson may not have break away speed, the Patriots don’t run that style of offense, Stevie Johnson is an inside, between the numbers kind of guy, Harvin isn’t.

I think Johnson will sign on with the Patriots for a small, 2 or 3 year deal to revive his career while chasing a title. If we’ve learned anything about these recent Patriots’ signings, it’s if you can’t beat the Patriots, join the Patriots.