NFL Free Agency Rumors: Vince Wilfork Still Considering The Patriots


Adding to the defensive line should be the Patriots’ top priority right now (finding corners helps too), and it sounds like they have a number of players they are targeting in free agency. We already know about Nick Fairley and Jabaal Sheard, but according to Ian Rapoport of, our old friend Vince Wilfork is still considering the Patriots.

Wilfork’s option was declined because the Pats thought he would be making too much money next year, and the fact that he is still considering them leads us to believe he is willing to take a pay-cut to return. New England let him test the market, and my feeling is he won’t fetch a huge amount of money. If that is true, I could definitely see a reunion, especially since we know both sides have deep respect for each other.

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Rapoport also says Houston is involved, and I would be fine with that. Obviously I’d rather see Vince in a Patriots uniform, but since the Colts have reportedly been interested, seeing the big man go to the Texans would be a relief. I don’t want to hate Wilfork, but if he went to Indy, it would be tough to root for him. However in Houston, they aren’t going to be contending with the Pats just yet, and they have a number of former Patriots over there, making them much easier to root for as it is.

For New England’s side, they could really use Wilfork’s services after losing Revis. I think they are going to be beefing up the front seven to help mask the weakened secondary, and having the big man in the middle is a great start. If the Pats could reel in Fairley, Wilfork, and Sheard, their front seven instantly becomes one of the best in the NFL.

Hopefully they can make it happen.