Patriots Decline Brandon Browner’s Option


Not only is Darrelle Revis more than likely out the door, Brandon Browner is most likely leaving with him. The Patriots have declined Browner’s option and he is also slated to become a free agent now. A Brandon Browner/Darrelle Revis tandem was the best secondary in football last year. They were able to impose their will together and add to an amazing secondary that also included Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung. More than likely, the Patriots will need to look to other corner backs.

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Names like Cortland Finnegan may come to mind. He’ll probably be in the Patriots price range and he’ll be an ok stop gap. Losing Revis was going to hurt, but losing Browner as well would be almost a death sentence to an AFC East that is making blockbuster moves and the Patriots will do like they always do, nothing at all and expect Brady to save the day even though the other teams are slowly inching their way to rival the Patriots for the AFC East crown.

Will the Patriots make some bold move that will improve their roster? Who knows. Right now there are a few names on the Patriots radar: Reggie Bush, Roy Helu and a bunch of smaller named players. This is nothing like what we had expected from the Patriots. The have cut Wilfork and have allowed both starting corners to test the free agency market. Hopefully all is not lost in New England, but it’s beginning to look dark. The Jets and Bills are just a QB away from actually challenging the Patriots for the East and if the Colts, now with Frank Gore and potentially Andre Johnson, could challenge the Patriots for the AFC as a whole.

This is just the AFC, now look what Seattle just did. They just added Jimmy Graham to bolster their receiving core. Now the Seahawks could be the best team in football. How will the Patriots, who have taken steps back challenge a team that took them to the wire and have gotten better? I don’t know. It’s a scary thought.