What the Devin McCourty Signing Means for Darrelle Revis


Devin McCourty signed a 5-year extension last night with the Patriots as I’m sure everyone is aware. The extension is for $47.5 mil, which equates to $9.5 mil per year, plus signing bonuses. So now that McCourty is under contract for a while, what does this mean for Darrelle Revis?

Devin McCourty said that he spoke with Revis soon after signing back with the Patriots. McCourty told him that he would love to have [Revis] back, but understands that Revis is going to do what’s best for Revis. However, rumor has it that both Devin McCourty and Darrelle Revis will be back in New England next year.

McCourty left a lot of meat on the bone in order to stay with New England and for the Patriots to have enough cap space to re-sign Revis as well as bring in other talent and re-sign other players. McCourty really did something honorable, the Jaguars and Eagles were offering McCourty more money to leave Foxboro, but McCourty decided to stay at a reduced amount, and I applaud him for that. The money McCourty will be making is almost identical to the money he’s get if the Patriots decided to franchise tag him. However, he now gets a signing bonus worth $26 mil and a chance at 5 more years in a Patriots uniform.

The way that the Patriots conduct business is somewhat cold at times, look at Lawyer Milloy, Wes Welker and even more recently, Vince Wilfork. The Patriots will not over pay for a player, they will simply replace them and mold the team into the strengths they have available. Now look at Joe Flacco’s contract in Baltimore. Since Flacco took the Ravens to the cleaners for over $100 million, they are losing everyone. Torrey Smith is leaving this year, Anquan Boldin left a few years back, they cut Chris Canty, and now their top receiver is the aging Steve Smith. The Ravens will fall apart this year, but the Patriots won’t, all because the Patriots will never over pay for a player unlike other teams.

If the business side of things prevents Revis from coming back to New England I understand. I thought he’d be a 1 year rental anyway, but if he re-signs it’ll be for less money than what someone like the Jets will offer. The Jets offered Revis the world, that signals desperation and is the reason the other AFC East teams can’t keep up with New England. It’s a business. It’s not all about getting that new shiny toy, it’s about having the best team you can. I think McCourty sees that and he left money on the table so the patriots can make a run at another super bowl. Thanks Devin, it’s good to have you back.