New England Patriots Do Not Pick Up Darrelle Revis’ Option, Will Become Free Agent


The Patriots just decided to not pick up Darrelle Revis’ $20 million option for the 2015 season. He is now a free agent and can begin meeting with other teams. Brandon Browner is also allowed to test the market to see where his value is at since the Patriots want to restructure his contract.

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The Darrelle Revis contract situation is not a surprise. No one expected the Patriots to pick up such a crazy cap hit for 1 year. It is expected that Revis and the Patriots will meet and try to come to an agreement for an extension. Rumor has it that Revis is being courted by the Jets, who say they will offer him anything. However, another report states that Revis is willing to stay in New England if the Patriots contract offer is anywhere close to what he’d get on the open market.

Brandon Browner is due a $2 million bonus and the Patriots would like to change his incentive money into guaranteed money. The Patriots have allowed Browner to see what offers he would get from other teams if he was a free agent, however this does not mean that Browner will be cut. It just means that both sides are trying to see what is fair market value for his services and they will go from there.

The Patriots already locked up McCourty and they have the money to lock up Revis. If the Jets are really willing to give him whatever he wants, odds are Revis will leave because there will come a point where the money doesn’t make sense for the Patriots. McCourty left a lot of money on the table to stay in Foxboro, most likely so they can re-sign Revis. Let’s see what gets done, because even though free agency hasn’t officially started, it has basically reshaped the NFL landscape already.