New England Patriots Re-Sign Safety Devin McCourty To Five-Year Deal


We have some good news on the New England Patriots front. According to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports 1, safety Devin McCourty is expected to remain with the Patriots.

The top two priorities for the Patriots this offseason were retaining Darrelle Revis and McCourty, and now it appears they have accomplished one of these two important tasks. McCourty is one of, if not the best safety in the league, and his impact on any defense is up there with the Earl Thomas’, and Darrelle Revis’ of the world. His range is ridiculous, his football IQ is sky-high, and he can drop down and play man coverage on anybody if needed.

McCourty is young, he one of the top leaders on the team, and Bill Belichick loves him. It got interesting for a little while after the Patriots elected not to franchise him, but they held off the Eagles, Giants, and Jaguars to keep the elite safety in Foxboro.

Ian Rapoport of confirmed the original report.

If all the Pats do this offseason is retain McCourty and Revis, they will be in the hunt for the Super Bowl once again in 2015. They make this pass defense elite, and this is vital in today’s NFL.

One down. One to go.


We now know the details of the contract, as it is five years, $47.5 million, and according to Rapoport, he turned down more from other teams. This free agency has been full of teams throwing ridiculous amounts of cash and players, and this situation is no different. After hearing the Eagles were involved, I thought McCourty would have to take a hometown discount, and that is exactly what happened.