Potential Patriots: Realistic Free-Agent Edition


Big name after big name will probably be thrown into the free-agency pool before March 10th. So we fans will have to sit and wait to see what the Patriots will actually do when the frenzy begins. The Patriots usually don’t sign free agents on the first day, but after the big named players are gobbled up, then the Patriots start picking up key players. Here is a breakdown of offensive skill players the Patriots could go after.


We don’t need anybody. Someone might be brought in as a camp body, but nothing else.


If Vereen and Ridley leave, Reggie Bush could become an option. Steven Jackson was recently released, but I don’t think the Patriots will look in his direction, same goes for Chris Johnson. The Patriots could also look into someone like Frank Gore, Justin Forsett from Baltimore or maybe even Mark Ingram from New Orleans. I only see one signing though. If Bush doesn’t ask for a lot, he’s the most likely candidate, then after him I’d go after Frank Gore. There’s no way the Patriots will even attempt to sign Murry, Peterson (if he becomes available) or CJ Spiller.


Amendola, Dobson and Boyce might be cut, and Tyms is a free agent. This position could see the most roster turnover going into next year. I stated earlier that I liked Brian Hartline, and now he’s available. I also like Harry Douglas, Michael Crabtree, Cecil Shorts, and Hakeen Nicks. If Percy Harvin gets cut, I like him a lot too (if he’s willing to sign for cheap). Don’t even think about Randall Cobb or Dez Bryant. There’s no way that’s going to happen.


This is where things could get interesting. I know that Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas and Charles Clay are going to be well out of the Patriots’ price range. However, players like Jermaine Gresham, Owen Daniels and Niles Paul could come into play. I like all three of these players and they could be a great compliment to Gronk. Vernon Davis and Mercedes Lewis may also become available in the upcoming days, so look out for them.

So there you have it, a bunch of offensive weapons that McDaniels could have to play with next season. I’ll do the Defensive skill players next. So, let me know if there’s anyone you think the Patriots could target in free agency. Tell me what you think.