Potential Patriots: Percy Harvin


Apparently Shane Vereen is looking for $5 mil/year in free agency. There’s no way the Patriots will offer him anything like that, so he’s as good as gone. If the Patriots decide to find another scat-back like Vereen that they can split out wide, Percy Harvin might be an option to mull over.

Percy bursted onto the scene in Minnesota a few years back, he could do it all, returns, receive, and even a few designed runs. Then he got hurt, and traded to the Seahawks. After his injury, he hasn’t been quite the same. He seems healthy now, but he was with the Jets, who, let’s face it, are a problem all their own.

Harvin is still with the Jets, but if he’s on the roster after March 19 the Jets will have to give a 4th round pick to the Seahawks instead of a 6th. Harvin also has a huge contract. If he’s on the roster for this upcoming year, the Jets will owe him over $6 million for this season and over $10 million for next year. That might be too much for new coach Todd Bowles to decide to keep him. If Harvin is cut, could he end up in New England?

While I do think it’s unlikely, stranger things have happened, and the Patriots may want to make a splash play to be sure their ready for another super bowl. If Harvin is cut, he’ll have been on 3 different teams in 3 years, which isn’t something that you want to have on a resume. There’s also the rumors of his diva-attitude, plus he’ll probably ask for a decent amount of money. Given his injury history, his potential attitude and his asking price, he may need to take a pay cut, sign with a contender and prove he is a team player. What better place to do that than with New England.

Harvin could be used in a similar way that the Lions use Reggie Bush and the Packers use Randall Cobb. I never though that the Seahawks or the Jets used Harvin in the right way. He was efficient in Minnestoa because they actually used him, and tried to get the most out of him. He was nothing more than a decoy in Seattle and the Jets are the Jets, everything they do is terrible. So, if Harvin is willing to swallow his pride for a year, improve his image and prove he can stay healthy, he could be in for a big payday, so why not go to New England? They have a way of reeling people in and making them work.