Patriots Draft: Maxx Williams or Devin Funchess


Let’s say that when the Patriots are on the board for the 2015 NFL draft, that both TE Maxx Williams and WR/TE Devin Funchess are still on the board. Who would you want? I’ll do a small breakdown of each player and let you guys decide.

Maxx Williams

6’4, 254

Williams is projected to be a late first round, early second round pick for the upcoming draft. He is also currently ranked as the top tight end prospect. While Williams isn’t a huge body like Gronkowski is, he does use his body well. Williams’ most famous play was when he hurdled 2 defenders on the same play en-route to a touchdown, which really shows his athleticism and determination. He’s not the receiving threat that last year’s prospect, Eric Ebron was, but he has solid hands and good body control. Maxx has good receiving tendencies and knows how to get open and be a safety blanket for the QB. He’s still young (20), but he has a lot of upside. Williams is not great at any one thing, he’s a willing and capable blocker, and he also can make something happen with the ball in his hands. He can break tackles as well as make someone miss. I like Williams, and think he’ll have a solid NFL career. This is your bread and butter standard, solid tight end.

Devin Funchess

6’5, 236

Funchess started his collegiate career as a tight end for the Wolverines, but he later moved to receiver. Listed as the number 5 overall WR prospect this year, he is an electric receiver. If Funchess was able to add 20 or 30 pounds to his frame, he could turn into the next Jimmy Graham. Like Graham, Funchess doesn’t really block, and rarely lines up anywhere but in the slot or on the outside. However, this kid is an athlete. He can do a lot of things that Williams can’t, this kid has a crazy vertical and can be seen making dunk videos online. He’s a baller, no question about it. The Patriots love versatility, and a tweener like Funchess could replace a certain player who is awaiting trial.

If the Patriots draft either of these guys to pair with Gronk, I think the Patriots could have a real chance of going back to the Super Bowl. I just hope they draft somebody that can make magic happen when they have the ball.