How Did The New England Patriots React To Winning The Super Bowl?

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Feb 1, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hoists the Vince Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski

(on his reaction to winning the Super Bowl)
“This is an unbelievable feeling. We played such a great team game together. This is the most amazing feeling ever. What a great team victory. It’s unbelievable. This is indescribable.”

(on where he was lining up on the field)
“All over the place. You’ve just got to line up everywhere and just do what we do. Everyone played together well and it was excellent. It was unbelievable.”

(on how the Patriots were able to overcome two costly turnovers)
“We’ve just got to keep looking forward after every drive – score or not score, just keep on moving and just go onto the next drive and just take one play at a time.”

(on what this means for Gronkowski and the Patriots organization)
“It’s unbelievable. It’s an unbelievable feeling. It means everything. This is awesome. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to celebrate.”

Danny Amendola

(on his first reaction to winning the Super Bowl)
“All the work we’ve put in all year, all the adversity, dealing with everything that we have – it’s paying off and it’s the best feeling in the world.”

(on scoring a touchdown in a game of this magnitude)
“I scored, but we all played great. We left some plays out there and it came down to the end, but we’re really happy.”

(on what he feels gave New England the edge over Seattle tonight)
“Hard work pays off. All the work pays off.”

Ryan Allen

(on being a big part of the game due to his number of punts and the field position battle)
“Shoot, it was a blessing to be out there with our unit and to be able to have an impact on the game. In the end, man, it’s incredible. For us to work as long as we have for eight, nine months out of the year and to see it come like this in the end, it’s amazing.”

(on how surprised he was that Seattle’s last offensive play was a pass rather than a run and his reaction to the interception)
“It was incredible. Believe it or not, I was getting ready for any type of play over by the [kicking] net. When we heard the crowd, it was an incredible feeling.”

(on how the game finished)
“I’m at a loss for words almost a little bit. It’s just amazing. Sometimes, like (Head) Coach (Bill Belichick) always says, we’ve got to play for 60 minutes, and that’s a prime example of that right there.”

(on if he was surprised by Seattle’s final offensive play)
“I wasn’t paying too much attention around that. I was making sure that I was focused on what I needed to do in my job if I was called upon.”

Bryan Stork

(on what it’s like to win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady)
“You can’t really describe it. It’s amazing. Worked hard to get here, but very lucky at the same time. You’ve got to have a little bit of luck.”

(on the fight at the end of the game)
“Guys were just fighting for jobs. It’s the Super Bowl. Tempers get thrown everywhere. I just tried not to draw a penalty. Just wanted to win the game.”

(on the interception at the end of the game)
“I’m just thinking about the next play.”

(on whether they were thinking about how to score next)
“We were just taking it play by play and whatever came our way, we were going to take care of it.”

(on what he plans to do this offseason)
“I’m going to go fishing.”

(on the fight at the end of the game)
“Guys were just fighting to win. Tempers just got out of control. I just tried to do my best not to draw a penalty.”

(on when he knew he would be playing today)
“When did I know that I was going to be playing? I knew all along. I just worked hard every day. I wasn’t going to be denied.”

(on coming back in the fourth quarter)
“It’s a storybook ending. It’s amazing. Sorry for the people at home that had to be on the edge of their seats the whole time; I know I was on mine. It was a good win.”