3 Ridiculous Reasons New England Can Win


At this point, I’m looking for any reason to make myself feel better about this super bowl.  I’m constantly looking up historical facts and random data, none of which are really putting my mind at ease. So, for all of you hypochondriac fans like me, here’s 3 crazy reasons New England can actually win.

3) The Seattle Seahawks are not the New York Giants

The title says it all. The Patriots always find a way to lose to the Giants. They’ve actually lost to them the last 3 times they’ve played each other (twice in the super bowl). When the Giants won, they were usually running a NASCAR front. This means they had speed, speed and more speed on their d-line. They were able to get after the quarterback consistently without having to blitz. The Seahawks can’t do that. When they won the super bowl last year, Seattle would constantly rotate fresh bodies in on their front. They can’t do that anymore. 3 of their players went to greener pastures in free agency and the others are on IR. They have had to put aging players, who are not known for their speed, in for the bulk of the workload.  That right there plays to New England’s advantage. The Patriots have played way scarier fronts this year: Baltimore, Cincinnati (they were 5-0 at the time), Detroit, Denver and Buffalo twice. Aside from the Buffalo game where they rested the starters, they won every one of those games. So, the Seattle d-line isn’t going to scare the Patriots going into the game.

2) The Patriots have a history of stopping Beastmode

Even dating back to his days in Buffalo, Lynch simply doesn’t run crazy on Patriots’ defenses. The last time to 2 teams met, lynch was held to under 50 yards. If it wasn’t for a hail mary pass, the Patriots would have won the game. If anything, that game is a closer indication for this game than anything else. The Seahawks don’t win when Lynch doesn’t go crazy. If Lynch is stuffed, there goes the read-option and I don’t think Russell Wilson will win the game dropping back every play. Just look at last week for proof. He can’t carry the team without a run game.

1) Wes Welker isn’t on the team anymore

Ok, this one is just a stupid attempt to make myself feel better, but hear me out. Wes Welker is 0-3 in the super bowl. He lost twice with New England and once with Denver. That obviously means he’s cursed. When Welker is on a super bowl team, they lose, end of story. That right there should give Patriots fans some hope. As long as Welker is off the team, the Patriots have as good a chance to win Sunday night as anybody.