New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks: 5 Questions That Need Answering


To kickoff Super Bowl week, here are five questions that I think need answering as the week progresses:

1. Will Marshawn Lynch Talk?

“Thanks for asking.”

A lot of people have criticized Lynch for his antics with the media, and while I don’t advocate it, I find it hilariously entertaining. Lynch’s apparent hatred for the company he works for makes for excellent one-liners, and it will be interesting to see if he decides to talk on media day. Especially if the NFL elects to crank up the amount of money Lynch will be fined if he doesn’t talk.

2. Deflate-Gate?

Yeah, we’ve got to touch on this one last time. The New England Patriots will undoubtedly be asked multiple times about the deflating balls controversy, and it will be fun to hear how Bill Belichick answers the questions. We know the players will deflect them and focus on the game, and while Belichick will surely do the same, I hope if some national reporter bugs our coach about it, he shows no mercy, and embarrasses the hell out of them.

3. Will Darrelle Revis Engage Richard Sherman?

After New England’s win over the Colts in the AFC Championship game, Darrelle Revis was asked if he was ready for two weeks of being compared with Richard Sherman for the best corner in the game. He said he wouldn’t engage, and would just deflect all questions. A few days later, after being notified Sherman calls himself the best corner in the league, Revis simply said, “that’s great.” Yesterday Sherman was asked if he was the best corner in the game, and said he doesn’t answer preschool questions.

It might be hard for Revis to stay away from that. We’ll see what happens.

4. What Will Gronk Do?

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most fun-loving dudes in the NFL, but he really tones it down in his game interviews. He’s always talking about getting better, and praising the other team leading up to the contest. Is there a chance we could see Gronk have some fun and let it go a bit in this week’s interviews? The chances are very low, but nothing is ever out of the question with this dude.

5. What Sports Personality Embarrasses Himself The Most?

With deflate-gate becoming so huge over the last week, a lot of sports personalities have shown their true colors in regard to this story. They jump to conclusions, and do whatever possible to make the Patriots out to be full on cheaters. So with that said, there will obviously be at least one national guy that embarrasses himself this week, either by dumb questions directed at Bill Belichick, or via the old classic writing an extremely biased column involving deflate-gate.

So let the bets fly! I personally have my money on Mike Florio, because I just can’t stand that man, but we will see. Could Peter King make a run for it? Or perhaps our old friend Skip Bayless. Sound off in the comments section with your pick!