Seattle Seahawks Film Review: New England Patriots Can Attack Through The Air

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Jan 18, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell (41) celebrates his second quarter interception with Bobby Wagner (54) and Kam Chancellor (31) against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas Are Human

Everyone talks about Seattle’s safeties like they are the perfect football players. And yes, they are great, but they have weaknesses, and the Pats can exploit them. Thomas is probably the best overall safety in football, and with his athleticism, and ridiculous football IQ, it isn’t easy getting things past him. But on Green Bay’s only touchdown of the game, he was burned, and I think New England can replicate that next Sunday.

Thomas is supposed to pick up the crossing Cobb in the end zone, but for one, takes a bad angle, and secondly, gets caught up with his mate Chancellor, who is attempting to cover the Packers’ tight end.

With the best tight end in football at their disposal, look for the Patriots to run a similar route combination, with Gronk taking on Chancellor, and Edelman or someone running a crossing route across Thomas’ face. I think the Pats could have success in that area.

Bunch Formations

Even when Seattle goes to their combo coverages, and cover 3 zones, bunch formations will give them trouble. If you just line up straight away with Richard Sherman, you will lose that battle most of the time. If he gets his hands on you, it’s over.

However with the quicker Edelman and Amendola, and with some bunch formations and motions, the Patriots will force the Seahawks out of their comfort zone, and force them to do a little thinking, and less imposing. This will be particularly key when they go to straight up man coverage, as those motions won’t allow them to get their patented jams to disrupt the route.

Random Notes

  • Kam Chancellor is often simply roaming around in the box, sniffing out the football. This speaks to his coverage skills, which I think could be exposed if he is forced to cover Gronk, or a wideout.
  • On certain 3rd downs, Seattle does exactly what the Pats do, which is send both linebackers on a blitz, play press-man everywhere else, and have one safety up top.
  • When Seattle plays combo coverage with Sherman isolated to one side, linebackers will be exposed on crossing routes. Edelman, Gronk, Wright, Amendola can take advantage.
  • Deep shots? Eh, wouldn’t count on it.

That was a review of Seattle’s secondary. Stay tuned for more analysis as we lead up to the Super Bowl on different matchups in this game.