‘Deflate-gate’-The Damage is Done


At this point in this ridiculous ‘story’, everyone is pissed at the Patriots for every reason under the sun. Mark Brunell, Jerome Bettis and everyone else on ESPN feels like the Patriots were just lying. They said it was ‘scripted’ and that ‘Brady had a chance to just make it right’ but didn’t. Here’s a crazy idea, maybe he didn’t do it and is telling the truth.

If this was happening to any other team in the league would this be an issue at all? No. If it was Peyton Manning saying ‘I didn’t know and had nothing to do with it’ everyone would believe him at face value, but since it’s someone on the Patriots, everyone goes in with the idea of guilty until proven innocent. I get it, the Patriots have tarnished their reputation, but come on, give them some slack. Right now, no one knows anything about what’s happening, but everyone is pissed at Brady because he didn’t fall on the sword for the team.

The funniest part is that almost everyone in the NFL is coming to the Patriots’ aid. Hell, even Colts players are saying it doesn’t matter and that it’s part of the game. Andrew Luck himself said he was the only thing deflated from that game. Aaron Rodgers even admitted to over inflating balls well past the 13.5 PSI league , but no one even looks at that. Rodgers came to the Patriots’ aid by admitting he himself cheats, and Rodgers won’t see any league discipline. So to say that the Patriots should be disqualified from the Super Bowl or Belichick or Brady should be suspended for the Superbowl is crazy. People just love to hate the Patriots.

Until I see proof that someone on the Patriots sideline is guilty, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, Brady’s number’s got better AFTER the balls in question were fixed. How can someone be getting a competitive advantage with a 56% completion percentage with the under-inflated balls then go up to 86% completion percent when the deflated balls are removed? It doesn’t make sense. Aaron Rodgers said that using deflated balls ‘would make it harder’ to throw, and if anything Brady would be at a disadvantage. For all we know, the Colts could have had someone deflate their balls. There’s so much hate towards the Patriots that no one would think twice about the Colts doing it. Anything is possible right now.

All I know is that this nonsense going on almost guarantees the Patriots will lose the Super Bowl. There’s just too much distraction and too much going on for the Patriots to really focus on the game at hand. So, this is gonna hurt to say, but the Patriots lose this Superbowl and it’s gonna break my heart.