‘Deflate-Gate’? Give Me A Break


It seems like no matter what the Patriots do, the second someone cries ‘cheater’ the NFL needs to investigate what the Patriots are doing. Last week it was Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh crying about formations and now its a Colts’ beat writer saying the Patriots messed with the game balls.

By now, everyone has heard the rumor that the Patriots deflated some of their offensive balls for the championship game against the Colts. The story first broke from Indianapolis reporter, Bob Kravitz. The allegations have been all over the place about what exactly has happened. I’ve heard that the balls were over inflated, under-inflated, punctured, changed, that the ball-boy was in on it and that Bigfoot sat on them in order to make some of the air come out too.

I get it, the Patriots are now the trash team of the NFL and the second someone cries ‘cheater’ everyone is jumping on that bandwagon faster than Seahawks ‘fans’. It doesn’t matter what they do, if someone, anyone even whispers that they cheated the NFL will investigate it.

The latest tale is that when Tom Bray got intercepted D’Qwell he took the ball over to his sideline and said that the ball felt funny, then someone on the Colts sideline brought it to the refs. Ok, here’s the problem with that, rather than give the ball directly to the refs to inspect he took it to his sideline, then for an unknown amount of time the ball was in the Colts’ staff’s possession. Then, someone told the refs about it at some point, and the refs did nothing. So, basically what I’m hearing is that a ball that was in the Colts’ possession is being questioned, not the Patriots. Anything could have happened on that sideline IF this is true, which I don’t think it is. Tis is crap because Coach Pagano even said he had no idea of it, nor did the players. So, if the ball was on the sidelines, don’t you think the head coach would be notified?

What I think is that someone, I’m not saying Mr. Kravitz, is upset that his team got destroyed on national television in front of millions of people and they thought to themselves ‘There has to be a reason the Patriots destroyed them so badly.’ Then when the refs changed the ball at the beginning of the third quarter (because it was the kickoff ball not the offense ball as stated by Phil Simms and Jim Nance) this story came to light.

There is no reason for this to even be a thing. Even if the ball was slightly under inflated, did it really make a difference? Did a few PSI really alter the fact that Blount rant through the Colts defense like they weren’t even there? No. They got smacked around in front of everyone and someone got mad and wanted to cry ‘cheater’.

Just remember the last time a team complained about something that Patriots were doing, the team that played them next got utterly destroyed. I’m not saying that the Seahawks will get stomped, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t want to be in the way of the Patriots when they have a point to prove.