How Did The New England Patriots React To Advancing To The Super Bowl?

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Jan 18, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) celebrates after beating the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Arrington

(On tonight’s weather and team’s performance)
“We are built for all types of weather. Hot, cold, rain, snow, you name it. We practice in it, no matter what it is. Those guys did a great job on the opposite side of the ball for us. It was clicking – offense, defense, special teams, everybody did a great job.”

(On what the defense wanted to do against the Colts coming into the game)
“Jam, get on the receivers, be disruptive to throw off the timing. Let the pass rush get there, so hopefully the pass rush could marry the coverage. We did a great job.”

Brandon Browner

(On his excitement at facing Seattle)
“It’s crazy, man. I really had that vision when I signed here. Hopefully we’d meet up with my old boys and it happened to work out that way.”

(On the team’s success against Indianapolis)
“That goes to the coaching staff and the game plan that they set up for us. They’re confident in their game plan and the players they got. It was up to us to just execute. Run around, wrap-up on tackles, knock balls down. Today we got our hands on a couple balls, too. They say when you win the turnover battle, 90 percent of the time that team wins.”

(On having a chance to go to the Super Bowl)
“It means a lot. I missed the one last year and I’m fortunate to be back in this thing the following year with a good football team. And with a bond that I’ve built with these guys like the one I built with the guys over there for that last few years, so it’s a good feeling.”

James Develin

(On how nice it is to catch a pass after doing a lot of dirty work)
“It’s nice, but I know my role on this team and I’m very happy just to go in there and do the dirty work, like you said. That’s my role on this team and I love doing it.”

(On if he was determined to score knowing he doesn’t get many chances)
“I know as a fullback, they don’t call my number too much. But if I’m that close to the end zone and I don’t get in, the ball is not going to come my way very often. I just tried to do whatever I could to get that ball in and I’m glad to get number called.”

(On how his second career touchdown compares to his first)
“The stakes are much higher on this one, with it being the AFC Championship, so it’s definitely memorable, but that first one was memorable too. I’ll never forget either of them.”

(On playing collegiate football locally and now advancing to the Super Bowl)
“It’s definitely surreal, man. It’s awesome to have played so much football up in New England and I’m proud to kind of say I’m a New Englander now.”

(On the team pulling out all the stops)
“The coaches prepare us for whatever we need to get the win, and it doesn’t matter who’s lining up where or who we have eligible. Everyone just has to perform to the best of their abilities and get the job done and that’s what we did.”

Julian Edelman

(On Tom Brady’s leadership)
“Tom Brady is Tom Brady. He was a sixth-round draft pick; a lot of people passed up on him. He’s a Super Bowl Champion [and] Super Bowl MVP. He’s been in a bunch of Super Bowls and he could care less about all of that. He just cares about winning the next game. That’s our leader and that’s why you have a guy like that leading us. He’s an unbelievable person and I truly love that man [laughs], I do. It’s great to have him apart of this team.”

(On what it means to be a Patriot)
“I guess it means [that] you bring the lunch pail to work [and] the helmet. You go work, you prepare, you get yelled at all [and] you do all of this kind of stuff. You work extra [and] you watch more film and it’s for situations and things like this to go and play in the last game of the year. That’s what I think being a Patriot means.”

(On what he thinks of this Super Bowl pairing)
“You don’t know them that much because we don’t play them that often. Just from watching here and there they’re a really good team. They don’t turn the ball over, they get turnovers, they got a defense that’s ferocious, they’ve got a D-line that’s awesome [and] they’ve got a secondary that’s really good. So we’re going to have to prepare hard for these guys. This is the best football team we’ve played yet. They’re a good team so that’s what I think about them.”

Cameron Fleming

(On being eligible 28 times)
“Twenty eight? Really? OK, wow.”

(On if he was expecting such a heavy workload)
“You never know what to expect coming into a game. I was hoping for that. I was hoping for some PT [playing time].”

(On why he was eligible that many times)
“I think it was just part of the game plan. I think they wanted to add an extra lineman in there, ground the ball out, see if we could take some time off the clock and run the ball well hopefully.”

(On how he would rate Nate Solder’s hands)
“They’re obviously very good. He’s one-for-one with a touchdown, so I don’t think anyone can complain about his hands.”

(On if the extra lineman was meant to send a physical message to the Colts)
“Personally, I always try to be physical as an offensive lineman. I think we incorporated that. We were trying to come downhill at them and attack them a little bit.”

Rob Gronkowski

(On heading back to the Super Bowl)
“It’s awesome; it’s an unbelievable feeling going back to the Super Bowl. I know this team has worked hard all year, including myself – worked really hard and we’ve just been sticking together as a team throughout the whole year and we played a great game today, the defense played well, special teams, and offense. We played together as a team, no doubt.”

(On what it’s been for him over the last year)
“It’s special. It’s a special feeling. It just feels so good to be out there and just playing with my teammates at this time, not sitting at home watching and you just can’t take anything for granted and I feel so lucky right now to be with my teammates. It’s an unbelievable feeling and it’s just an honor to be a part of this team and help and do my job and help them win. It’s just a great feeling to be here.”

(On Tom Brady making his sixth Super Bowl appearance)
“He’s going to his sixth Super Bowl, man? That’s unbelievable. I never even thought of it like that. It’s just an honor to play with him. He’s going to his sixth Super Bowl – it speaks to the respect everyone has of Tom and just speaks for the level of play he has. Is that the most Super Bowls anyone else has ever been to? It just speaks to the level of the organization and which Tom’s been a part of and I’ve been a part of and everyone’s been a part of as a team. So, it’s just an unbelievable feeling and everyone just comes in and works hard. Tom’s the leader and comes in, always humble, always working hard, and it just takes off on all the players. We’ve got big weeks in front of us now. We’ve got to work hard, no doubt about that and we’ve just got to enjoy the moment right now, but when it comes to work time we’ve still got a mission and we’ve just got to enjoy right now and we’ve got a big game at the Super Bowl, no doubt.”