Patriots vs Colts-AFC Championship Match Ups and Thoughts


Pats’ Nation, we’re so close. After outlasting the Ravens, it’s time to take on the Colts for the AFC Championship.

By the time the Patriots game kicks off, everyone will know who will be representing the NFC in the Superbowl. I for one am praying for Green Bay to win. Mainly because I just can’t see the Patriots actually beating the Seahawks. I can see the beating the Packers, however. The typical picks for the Superbowl this year is now New England vs Seattle, in what would probably be the Patriots suffering a 10 point loss.

Anyways, back to this game.

Don’t expect Brady to throw the ball as much as he did last week, 50 times is a lot. Everyone knows what happened the last time these teams met earlier this year, some little known running back went crazy for 200 yards on them on their home turf. That’s not going to happen this time around. The Patriots will probably run the ball more than pass, but don’t expect to see these gaping holes like last time. Stork is hurt, and the Colts’ D-line is a lot healthier.

However, there are a few X-factors in this game, the Colts really don’t have any running attack. Herron is alright, but he’s not the dual threat Bradshaw was for them. So if the Patriots can stop him, they’ll make the Colts one-dimensional. There’s also this running back the Patriots got, Blount. Blount is the reason people are like ‘Where’s Jonas?’ Jonas isn’t as good as Blount, period. Jonas has 1 good game and everyone is thinking he’s some superstar. Blount is the man for this game. He torched the Colts in the playoffs last year, and he’ll be the primary back this game as well.

Brady also mentioned that the Patriots have some more shenanigans in store for this game. Now, it probably won’t be 4 offensive lineman good, but we’ll see. And speaking of Brady, did anyone else see his eye? That thing looked painful. Hopefully it doesn’t mess with him too much.

This is the 9th time that Brady will be playing in an AFC Championship game, and he’s 5-3. Hopefully he’ll push that to 6 wins come Sunday night. I’ll be pacing another groove in my floor praying for the Patriots to win 2 more games.