How Did The New England Patriots React To Advancing To The AFC Championship?

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Jan 10, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) carries the ball as Baltimore Ravens strong safety Will Hill (33) defends in the first quarter during the 2014 AFC Divisional playoff football game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Amendola

(On his touchdown reception from Julian Edelman)
“It’s a play we’ve been working on all year. Testament to Julian [Edelman]; has a great arm and [is] a great athlete. He put it on the money, that’s for sure. It was a good throw.”

(On how long the Patriots have been practicing that play)
“Me and Julian [Edelman] have been practicing that for about five years. It was a play we had in the books for a little while now, but it ended up working out.”

(On what it took to come back from a 14-point deficit twice in the same game)
“We just wanted to focus on doing our job, regardless of what the score was. One play at a time, keep pounding away. It ended up working out for us.”

(On whether the game was a slugfest)
“It was, yeah. They’re a great team, they play really hard. Defensively, they do some great things and they’ve got some great athletes. We got it done tonight.”

Brandon Browner

(On being down twice by 14 points)
“That’s a testament to our team. The will and the guys we got. We’ve got fighters, and I’m fortunate to play with these guys. I love these guys. These are my brothers. The biggest part of it is that we fought. Like he said, we were down twice by 14? That’s a testament to our guys and the will to fight through.”

(On Duron Harmon’s play)
“He had a good week of practice, and sometimes practice turns over to the game. That’s a testament to his work throughout the week.”

(On the team’s slow start today)
“That’s just part of the game. You don’t go into the game thinking that’s going to happen, and it happened to us, but you keep fighting. Coaches are going to call plays to make stops and guys have to stand up.”

Julian Edelman

(On his touchdown pass)
“The coach dialed up the double pass. We’ve had it in for a little bit and finally got it called, and we all saw that the coverage [that] we wanted was going to be there, and we were able to execute the play.”

(On if he was surprised the double pass was called)
“No. You’ve got to unload everything you’ve got to win against a team like that – the Baltimore Ravens. They played a tough game. Our coaches, they’ve got the aggressiveness to call that.”

(On if he has lobbied for the double pass to be called)
“I just kind of sit back and do my job. I don’t throw it as good as I used to. I can’t lobby that much.”

(On what went through his mind when the double pass was called)
“Let’s just go out there and just execute. We’ve hit in practice a couple times. Practice execution becomes game reality. We saw it in practice, we did it right, and we were able to do it again.”

(On what it says about the team that they came back from being down 14 points twice)
“Mentally tough, resilient group of guys. We’ve seen this throughout the year – not just in games, but in practice. We had a solid week of practice this week. Things didn’t turn out the best for us in a few situations, a few parts of the game. We were down 14 twice, but we had the confidence to come back and go out and be able to execute and then make plays when we had to.”

(On how often they practice the double pass)
“Once every couple weeks, but I practice in the back yard with Danny [Amendola] all the time. We’ve been secretly practicing that for a while.”

(On what the difference was in a hard-fought game like this)
“The difference is making plays in crucial situations. The Ravens made a bunch of plays today, and we did, too. We made them at the right time. You tip your cap to a team like that that came here and played us tough, but now we’re moving on.”

Rob Gronkowski

(On the overall play of the team)
“We just stuck together as a team and took it one play at a time. We knew we couldn’t put up two touchdowns in one play so we just stuck together, got first downs, and we came through. [Our] defense played well, stuck together, and executed, as well as on offense.”

(On the final play of the game)
“I was just going for a jump ball, knock it down, and make sure the other team doesn’t get it. It was successful, we did a good job, and give credit to the defense, too, on our last drive. Getting an interception to seal a win.”

(On Edelman’s touchdown pass)
“Edelman’s pass was amazing. It was right on the money. Couldn’t ask for a better pass and a better route from Danny [Amendola]. You never know who’s going to get their number called and everyone stepped up today and did a great job. It was awesome.”

Duron Harmon

(On his interception)
“It was just me reading the quarterback [Joe Flacco]. He threw the ball up there and gave me a chance and I just came down with it. I’m glad I caught it and it ended the game for us.”

(On if he anticipated a loft timing pass from Joe Flacco because of his tendency to throw such passes)
“That was something that we talked about all week – Joe Flacco has a lot of faith in his receivers, Torrey Smith, Steve Smith Sr. and he’ll throw a shot up there and you just got to be ready to make a play and at that point I was.”

(On the difficult game)
“That’s a mentally tough football team over there, man. They’re mentally tough, physically tough and we knew that it was going to be a 60-minute football game. They play hard, they play hard down to the wire, man, and it was just a great atmosphere out there and it was a great game.”

(On how he rates the team’s defensive performance)
“I mean we made plays when we had to make plays, but there are definitely things that we’ll go back and watch the film and see that what we need to correct.”

Josh Kline

(On what it felt like in the huddle when the team was behind by two touchdowns)
“You just need to go play-by-play and just got to get that first down and start the drive off and get it going and get some momentum. We did that and we played great team football today.”

(On how often Julian Edelman has worked on that pass)
“Well, he was our quarterback in college [Kent State], so he’s used to throwing, so other than that I don’t know.”

(On if they worked on that play in practice)
“You’re going to have to ask Coach [Bill Belichick] on that, sorry.”

(On if Ryan Wendell or Dan Connolly gave him any advice or encouragement)
“They just said, ‘Get ready to go, get ready to go.’ Anything I can do to help out the team is good for me and good for the team.”